Published: Fri, June 15, 2018
Industry | By Dora Warner

Fortnite on the Switch Lacks PS4 Cross-Play Because Sony Is Stubborn

Fortnite on the Switch Lacks PS4 Cross-Play Because Sony Is Stubborn

2DS and 3DS are for kids and families to get engaged for the first time potentially in video games, and Nintendo Switch is going to be that game where consumers want to play Smash Bros., Zelda and all of those big epic games.

"According to The NPD Group's Games Acquisition Monitor, at the end of Q1 over 40 percent of Switch owners in the United States also owned a PS4", NPD analyst Mat Piscatella wrote on Twitter. The slightly disappointing news is that it doesn't appear that Fortnite for Switch will contain any Nintendo-specific content. That isn't the case here, though, because you can play Fortnite with people on PS4, PC, iOS, and Android devices. "And whether that's Fortnite, whether that's a number of the other games that have cross-platform play on our console, from a developer standpoint that's what we want". However, the visuals have been stripped down to run smoother on the Switch's Tegra X1 chip.

He said high demand for the game to be on the Switch console led to the surge in downloads. "You have companies like mine that encourage cross-play and enable cross-play". "I was a tester on PC whos (sic) finished every season and spent hundreds of dollars on the game but nope no Switch play for me since I played once on a PS4", said one person on Reddit. In fact, you can't even log in with a PS4 account. Even if you entirely disconnect your Epic Account from your PSN account, you still can't associate it with another system.

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Sony has faced criticism for blocking cross-play in other titles in the past, including Minecraft and Rocket League. It's a little vague, but it explains that Epic support can't do anything to help.

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"This Fortnite account is associated with a platform which does not allow it to operate on Switch".

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That, as you can imagine, has a lot of people angry, and much of that anger is being directed at Sony at a time when the company's upcoming games should be getting a lot of attention.

As of now, there's no telling what has caused Yoshi's delay to occur, but there's no doubt that many are disappointed to learn that the Switch will be short one exclusive in 2018, especially with the reveal trailer from last year showing off the fun co-op hijinks that seemed so close to coming out this year. The Switch rarely has the same titles as the more powerful consoles, and its portability offers a very different gaming experience.

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