Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
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Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Netflix

Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Netflix

Taking all of this into account, we're expecting big things from developer Telltale Games when it comes to the first proper paid-for video game. They're moving Minecraft: Story Mode to Netflix. "But it wouldn't be so unfathomable to think about playing a Telltale game over a streaming video service of that calibre".

Telltale Games and Netflix have confirmed that Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Netflix later this year. There's a broad spectrum of entertainment available today.

The representative also stated that "the Stranger Things project is launching on the Telltale platform at a later date", as part of Netflix's title promotion efforts.

"We can confirm Minecraft: Story Mode is a licensed 5-episode interactive narrative series coming to our service this fall", Netflix said in a statement. The company was adamant that it doesn't consider an interactive offering to be a game, but rather an extension of the cinematic experience.

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There's release timeframe available yet either; though, TechRadar cites a confidential source who stated that the game was originally meant to launch alongside Stranger Things' second season.

Lastly, on the topic of games streaming, Netflix had the following to say: "We don't have any plans to get into gaming". Despite all this, Netflix has stressed that they are not venturing into the gaming industry themselves. This won't be the first game inspired by the hit Netflix show.

The source has stated that playable demos have been in existence for almost a year, meaning that the announcement of a partnership may occur any day.

Sources familiar with the matter share that the games made available for streaming will initially be dialogue-driven, meaning that gamers will advance through the storyline by selecting options proposed via text.

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Telltale, which largely works on narrative-focused games that challenge the player to advance the story along themselves, have also worked on video game adaptations of such franchises as Game of Thrones, Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman.

So Netflix is going to be "the Netflix of Telltale games", if anything.

As TechRadar points out, Telltale has expressed interest in bringing its games to Netflix in the past, so this doesn't come completely out of left field.

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