Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
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China urges 'full denuclearisation' as Kim-Trump meet

China urges 'full denuclearisation' as Kim-Trump meet

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have signed a joint document in which they commit to working "toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula". A North Korean aide wearing latex gloves reportedly inspected and wiped the pen intended for Kim, which he didn't end up using. "President Obama said that North Korea was our biggest and most risky problem".

Trump told reporters Tuesday that he trusts Kim, but that North Korea's denuclearization process will be thoroughly vetted and that the U.S.

Trump and Kim are meeting in Singapore for historic talks aimed at finding a way to end a nuclear standoff on the Korean peninsula.

"The war games are very expensive, we pay for the majority of them", Mr Trump told a news conference in Singapore after a historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Annual military drills between the USA and South Korea have been a major source of tension on the Korean Peninsula.

In his post-summit press conference, Trump made the surprise announcement that the USA would halt joint military exercises with its security ally Seoul something long sought by Pyongyang, which claims the drills are a rehearsal for invasion.

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As president, Trump has called the merger "not good for the country" and said he believed it would push pay-TV prices higher. In fact, he suggested, consumers could end up paying less after a merger - maybe even $500 million less annually.

"We are going to get out of the war games that cost so much money", he said referring to the USA participation in joint military exercises with South Korea.

"I think he's going to do these things", Trump said.

Kim said he wanted to express his gratitude to President Trump for making the meeting happen.

Hours earlier as he sat alongside Kim at the signing ceremony, Trump said the two leaders "have developed a special bond" and that after their several hours of talks Tuesday and the signing of the agreement, he thinks the USA relationship with North Korea "will be very different than in the past".

The first-ever meeting between sitting leaders of the two Cold War foes meant "the World has taken a big step back from potential Nuclear catastrophe!" he said in an earlier message.

Trump also drew criticism for announcing he was ending joint "war games" with South Korea, embracing the frequent North Korean criticism that the exercises are "very provocative".

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Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday to slam the media for its insistence that the U.S. gave up too much in its deal with Kim.

Provocative nuclear and missile tests by North Korea previous year initially gave Moon little diplomatic room to maneuver.

President Donald Trump's comment about being touchy feely in a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un were mocked by comedians. But he kept trying to reach out to North Korea, and eventually found a role as a mediator after Kim offered in January to send a delegation to the South Korean Winter Olympics.

And now here we are, talking seriously about not-nuking each other.

In Japan, the prospect of canceled U.S. The secretary of state is to meet President Moon Jae-in on Thursday morning to discuss the summit. "There were obstacles but we overcame them to be here".

-South Korea military exercises could be put back on if talks with Pyongyang do not progress.

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Pompeo defended Trump's cancellation of military exercises, saying the commitment is they will be suspended as long as there are "productive, good-faith negotiations" ongoing.

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