Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
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Starfield is playable, in production

Starfield is playable, in production

One of E3 2018's biggest surprises came during Bethesda's press conference when it was announced that the next Elder Scrolls won't be the long-awaited sequel to Skyrim, but a mobile game subtitled "Blades".

Elder Scrolls Blades will release in the fall of 2018. But with The Elder Scrolls 6 announced, we can forgive that. We're not going to limit the game that way yet.

More intriguingly, Fallout 76 will be primarily online, a first in the series. We've collected them all here for a one-stop look at Fallout 76 coming your way in November. This is Bethesda Game Studio's first time leaving a grounded environment, as the company's previous games have included things like Fallout 4 and Skyrim. The game will be four times the size of Fallout 4 and feature "all-new graphics, lighting and landscape technology".

The Division 2 release date set | PC
The Division 2 was shown today at Microsoft's E3 conference, both in CG trailer form and with a mission walkthrough. Specialization include signature weapons and unlock after completion of the main story-line.

The game will mainly focus on exploring dungeons and leveling up the character as it is done in other RPGs.

Prey will also receive a paid DLC pack, Typhon Hunter, later this year, which will add an asymmetrical multiplayer game mode where one player as a human faces five other players menacing them as Typhon aliens. Starfield is the first new franchise to Bethesda Softworks for, neither more nor less, 25 years, because the wait is clearly worth it.

Of the two, Starfield is apparently further along in development, according to Game Director Todd Howard, but both are in the early stages of production.

Fortnite's Weekly Challenges Have Been Pushed Back
Shopping carts are undoubtedly the highlight though, ad they can be found "scattered across the world in various locations". Fortnite has launched the first vehicle in its Battle Royale mode but it might not have been what everyone was expecting.

Where will The Elder Scrolls VI be set?

Potentially, that means that The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield are more likely to arrive on the next wave of platforms, whenever they may eventually surface.

Bethesda's sci-fi survival horror game Prey just received a free update, released on the same night as its announcement.

New Delhi wants North Korea-Pakistan nuclear axis addressed
The video was produced by the US Government to help persuade Mr Kim to make a deal, a White House official said. As they ended their summit Mr Trump praised Mr Kim as a "very worthy, very smart negotiator".

Instead of a controller, you'll take on your enemies using your device's touchscreen.

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