Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
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House GOP factions claim progress on immigration compromise

House GOP factions claim progress on immigration compromise

Republican leaders, GOP immigration reform advocates such as Denham and the conservative House Freedom Caucus members have been meeting for weeks to resolve the issue.

House leaders will try to sway the reluctant business community Friday to support what may be a last-ditch effort to negotiate an immigration deal this year that would protect so-called Dreamers.

"This is a conversation that will continue", he said after a two-hour meeting with fellow House Republicans in the basement of the Capitol. The moderates said the hard-liners had offered them a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, perhaps through a newly created visa process.

Denham said that without a deal, the moderates' threat to force the House to consider four immigration bills remains in effect.

"There's no agreement right now", said Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., the GOP Whip, as he exited the meeting.

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Lawmakers said they meant to continue their discussions next week and that the talks wouldn't be derailed if a parallel effort to force a series of immigration votes on the House floor reaches its threshold number on Tuesday. Many conservatives have opposed a pathway to citizenship, and leaders say the votes, which would surely draw Democratic support, would be divisive and damage the party's electoral prospects among GOP voters in November.

"They'll be coming out wounded and cash-strapped", Broom said of the candidate who wins the Democratic nod for the gubernatorial general election.

"Now we've got this trigger of "we can do this" and "we have an obligation to do this" there's more of an unwillingness to sit by when we're represented by less than 20% of the people in Congress being women".

It gave almost 700,000 of the young immigrants temporary permission to live and work in the U.S. The affected population of young immigrants is much larger.

Ryan said the ideas leaders and members involved in the negotiations were presenting Thursday weren't the product of leadership but rather the result of the meetings between moderate and conservative members of the conference, the source said. But conservatives said later that no agreement had been reached, underscoring how hard it is for the GOP to resolve the issue. "I don't think that's it at all", he said, adding that immigration is a "difficult issue" for his party and they are working to find the "sweet spot". The other option would be a more traditional path for them to gain visas and eventually apply for citizenship.

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That likely would result in a bill closer to a compromise with Democrats, a blow to House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin who is pushing for a proposal crafted exclusively among GOP lawmakers. The measure is rarely successful because it requires at least some members of the majority party to rebel against their own leaders. Painfully aware of those divisions, leaders had seemed happy to sidestep the issue until the moderates' rebellion forced their hand.

The continued discord all but guarantees a discharge petition will get the 218 signatures by early next week, which would trigger a June 25 vote on a queen of the hill rule setting up a series of votes on existing immigration bills that also lack unified GOP support. They figure they will either get their preferred bill or wait until after the November elections, when they expect to be in a better position - perhaps with a majority in the House - to dictate the terms of debate. Though Curbelo said Thursday that deadline could slip to July if progress is being made. They want the negotiate with Kim Jong-un even though they doubt the North Koreans would ever concede on the main sticking point between our countries: "nuclear weapons", says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News poll with Democrat Chris Anderson. On Thursday afternoon those two-dozen Republicans were nearing that magic number to partner with Democrats and force a vote for the Dreamers, using what is called a discharge petition.

In exchange for providing possible citizenship for Dreamers, Trump has demanded full financing for his wall with Mexico. They want to beef up border security, clamp down on workplace employment verification and impose fresh limits on legal immigration by family members. "If there are 40 percent Democrats and 25 percent Republicans, and in the election the Republicans took, what, 45 percent of the votes, that accounts for some of those 25 percent who decline to identify, but not all, so some of those must be Democrats too".

Democrats see California and New Jersey as their best shot to take the House.

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