Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Markets | By Noel Gibbs

The New Electric Flying Car From Google Co-Founder Larry Page

The New Electric Flying Car From Google Co-Founder Larry Page

Google co-founder Larry Page has been invested in making flying cars a reality and it nearly happened this Wednesday. The current ones only last 20 minutes.

Cora, the flying taxi project is also under development.

With a similar flying vehicle project, cab aggregator Uber has entered into an agreement with NASA to explore concepts and technologies related to urban air mobility (UAM) for future air transportation in populated areas. The flying vehicle is now available for pre-order. The movie Back to the Future II (1989) pegged flying cars as a reality by 2015.

The company claims that drivers will only need to complete a one-hour training course before launching into the air.

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Google's co-founder Larry Page backed flying auto company, Kitty Hawk, unveiled its latest flying vehicle, named the 'Flyer'. But this wasn't just a test flight, it was the first that was conducted by someone who is not a trained pilot. The Flyer is essentially a drone big enough to carry a person, and according to its designers the controls can be mastered in as little as an hour.

With the flying vehicle segment being more competitive than ever, we can expect to FLY in 5 years.

"A light aircraft Flyer, named after the first aircraft of the Wright brothers, is a single float multirotor with 10 rotors". The aim now is to get it in the hands of customers; people can express interest via the company's website.

This test was a clear demonstration of how easy it would it be to fly a auto after a commercial model hits the market.

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The model is meant to be used for recreational purposes and is not to be utilized as a means of transportation.

Kitty Hawk had released a prototype of the Flyer in April 2017, which had safety gear in the form of protective netting around the pilot seat and a pair of pontoons as landing gear, The New York Times had reported.

The battery life on this flyer is quite small. In five minutes Rachel returned, placing a Flyer like a Pro.

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