Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
Markets | By Noel Gibbs

IHOP Name Change A Cheap Publicity Stunt?

IHOP Name Change A Cheap Publicity Stunt?

And now 45 years later, IHOP appears to be heading for another tweak.

IHOP, or IHOb as it is now referring to itself as, even launched an online poll in which Twitter users could guess whether the "b" stood for biscuits, bacon, butternut squash or barnacles and at the moment it seems as if bacon and barnacles are the two most popular choices.

"What do y'all mean name change", Chris Tadros wrote, "this is what Arab parents called IHOP for years". But coincidence or not, Arabic speakers across Twitter dwelled in the moment. A day later, IHOP tweeted out a poll from their account that asked: "IHOb?"

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"Someone Arab has bought significant share of IHOP and now they're the International House of Bancakes", said another.

The post has sparked fierce debate as thousands hop onto the social media platform to take part in discussions about what the mystical "b" in the name change could stand for. Nobody knows. This week, they have been going back and forth with Twitter users about the possibilities, never fully releasing its meaning.

One Twitter user claimed he'd heard from an "inside source" that this is all lead up to a summer-long burger promotion for the brand, others are convinced it's simply just a switch to International House of Breakfast.

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"The blot thickens", IHOP tweeted.

The company even tweeted an audio guide to "helb you bronounce it broberly", it said.

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