Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
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Microsoft Just Dumped a Data Center Into the Ocean

Microsoft Just Dumped a Data Center Into the Ocean

It often costs huge amounts of money and consumes lots of power to keep a data center cool. The company hopes that it'll eventually ideal this system of deploying data centers that are cheaper to run for years on end.

Microsoft executive Cindy Rose said she hopes the work will be replicated at other data centers in the future. There, another partner, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), provided help including the undersea cable linking the centre to the shore.

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In 2014, researchers estimated that data centers were responsible for about 2% of total global greenhouse emissions annually and that number continues to rise as more of the world's population gains access to the internet, cloud computing continues to expand, and artificial intelligence (AI) gets embedded in more and more devices. More than half of the world's population lives within about 120 miles of the coast, and by putting datacenters in bodies of water near coastal cities, data would have a short distance to travel, leading to fast and smooth web surfing, video streaming and game playing as well as authentic experiences for AI-driven technologies.

Project Natick's Northern Isles datacenter is partially submerged and cradled by winches and cranes between the pontoons of an industrial catamaran-like gantry barge. Project Natick is now operating at about 100 ft below the surface of the North Sea near the UK's Orkney islands, fully powered by renewable energy.

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Microsoft is hoping that the offshore data center will have a lower failure rate than data centers on land. Microsoft says almost half the world's population lives within 150 km (120 miles) of the ocean.

Microsoft said that while the first Project Natick test was to see if it was possible to operate an undersea data center, the second test is meant to learn if the "concept is logistically, environmentally and economically practical".

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The Northern Isles data center consists of a 40-foot (12.2 metre) long white cylinder containing 864 servers - enough to store five million movies - and can lie on the seabed for up to five years. The energy centre is a test site for experimental tidal turbines and wave energy converters that generate electricity from the movement of seawater.

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