Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Man Killed 4-Foot Rattlesnake. Then, Dead Snake's Severed Head Bit Him

Man Killed 4-Foot Rattlesnake. Then, Dead Snake's Severed Head Bit Him

Jennifer Sutcliffe and her husband were doing yard work on Memorial Day weekend she spotted a 4-foot rattlesnake. He believed the ordeal was over but, ten minutes later, his picked up the head and it bit him - not knowing that snakes can discharge venom up to an hour after the head is removed.

A Texan man was told by doctors he might not live after being bitten by a severed rattlesnake head.

As we learned from a story from KIIITV journo Marissa Cummings, the snake injected a huge amount of venom into the man. They had only made it about two miles when Jeremy started losing consciousness, suffering from loss of vision and having mini-seizures, Jennifer said.

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"Since there is no body, it released all its venom into him at that point, so he had a lot of venom", Sutcliffe told the station, explaining she had driven her husband to hospital following the bite.

The doctors gave him the needed 26 doses of antivenom, whereas a normal patient gets two to four doses.

Sutcliffe's husband is now in stable condition but is still experiencing weak kidney function, she said. The population of these snakes is so high that a special event is held in Sweetwater, Texas to get rid of excess rattlesnakes every year.

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When he tried to dispose of the reptile, he was bitten by the snake's head.

There seems to be some dispute about exactly how long a beheaded snake can remain active. Whereas a living rattlesnake will generally bite the victim, imparting a dose of venom into it in the process, a dead rattlesnake will apparently release all of its venom into the victim, as the Texas man found out the hard way. Experts advise that it's far better to retreat indoors and call more experienced handlers from animal-control, the local police or the fire department to safely remove the snake.

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