Published: Fri, June 08, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Bill Clinton defends his behavior amid #MeToo movement

Bill Clinton defends his behavior amid #MeToo movement

"Today show also ran a clip of Clinton's appearance at a Manhattan event Tuesday night, to pitch his new political thrilled, The President Is Missing", co-written with James Patterson.

Former President Bill Clinton is acknowledging that his combative response earlier this week to questions about Monica Lewinsky wasn't his "finest hour".

Mr. Clinton is back in the headlines this week for comments about his sexual relationship in the mid-1990s with then-White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

"Do you understand why some people thought that was a tone-deaf response to his questions about the #MeToo movement and how you might reflect on your behavior 20 years ago?" "He confessed the interview "wasn't my finest hour" and he "was mad at me" but then still blamed NBC editing for making him look bad "they had to distil" the interview".

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"No. I do not - I have never talked to her".

"I just want to say about Monica Lewinsky - I know her, not well - but I want to remind people that to get a job at a young age as an intern in the White House you have to be an exceptional human being".

When conservative panelist Megan McCain equated the reaction of feminists in 1998, who seemed to give Clinton a pass, to Trump voters that continue to support him in the wake of his actions or comments, Behar said the Clinton-era scandal was "a little bit more complicated", compared to Trump's missteps. "I still believe this Me Too movement is long overdue, necessary and we should all support it". Colbert asked Clinton, in a preview of the episode released by CBS.

"No!" Goldberg replied. "Hillary Clinton Whatever you think of her, she has been dragged through the dirt".

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He said, again, that he apologized at the time to Lewinsky and her family. I meant it then.

After Bill Clinton's latest return to the media spotlight, competitive Democrats hoping to capture the House and praying for a chance at a Senate majority might be wishing he had not picked this moment to embark on a book tour and find a way to land smack in the middle of a #MeToo movement - and not in a good way.

In the course of his interview with Clinton, Melvin made clear he did not think so much of Clinton's public apologies to Lewinsky, telling the former POTUS, "you didn't apologize to her" and "You don't think a private apology is owed?"

Even when Bill was not front and center, his presence at a debate loomed even larger than a hovering Donald Trump, whose campaign sat his accusers of sexual misconduct (Bill's not Donald's) in the audience.

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While Lewinsky was an adult when she engaged in an affair with a married man, something for which she has taken responsibility, we should not discount the enormous power imbalance between her and Clinton.

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