Published: Thu, June 07, 2018
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Apple is bringing the best of iOS to macOS

Apple is bringing the best of iOS to macOS

Expect macOS Mojave to be released in the autumn.

To supplement the Gallery View, and all other views, Finder now includes a new sidebar, which provides metadata and useful file information, depending on what's selected. Apple also announced that Microsoft will bring Office 365 to the Mac App Store and Adobe will make Lightroom CC available for download as well. While there were many user oriented updates like the introduction of Dark Mode and Quick Look, Apple also focused on safety and iOS integration. In previous versions of macOS, you were able to make your dock and menu bar darker, but other interface elements blinded you with whiteness. Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage to sum up Mojave as the OS which caters to professionals as well as everyday users. Navigation is now based on tabs on the left side, making it easier to find specific apps and programs.

The new feature offers users a glimpse into their everyday usage of apps: "Daily and weekly Activity Reports show the total time spent in individual apps, usage across categories of apps, how many notifications are received and how often iPhone or iPad are picked up", said Apple in its post. This can clear the clutter of files on the desktop by a single click, including by time, date or tags. They can also go for a longer seven-day view of how kids use their phones. Quick Look, a feature that fires up when you select a file and tap spacebar, enables you to quickly edit all kinds of files. Third-party apps may need to be updated to support Dark Mode, but it should be easy developers to do this in a time-efficient manner. The tools you'll be shown depends on the type of file you're looking at, for example, you can quickly add signatures to documents or trim a video down in length.

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Not all changes will be immediately apparent. You'll be able to fine-tune permissions for more apps, like the Camera and Microphone, and in Safari, you will be able to "shut down" cookie tracking for likes and comments. The Apple TV 4K came out at the end of past year with support for Dolby Vision HDR, however, the device did not support Dolby Atmos surround sound at launch. The redesign is similar to the changes to the iOS 11 App Store, highlighted by new editorial content for app discovery.

The new App Store.

One thing that's definitely not happening is any kind of merging of macOS and iOS.

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Additionally, Mojave features a number of iOS connections including desktop versions of News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home.

The developer preview of macOS Mojave is available in the Apple Developer Program now, with a public beta coming in late June.

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