Published: Sat, May 26, 2018
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Venezuela expels USA diplomats, rejects sanctions

Venezuela expels USA diplomats, rejects sanctions

Maduro's government has ordered two U.S. diplomatic representatives to leave the country in response to Washington's latest round of sanctions imposed over recent election results.

Maduro also accused the Trump administration, which toughened financial sanctions on his government Monday, of seeking to escalate "aggressions" against the Venezuelan people.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 that he is expelling Robinson, the top US diplomat in Venezuela and his deputy for allegedly conspiring against his government.

Maduro said at an event where officials certified his re-election to a term ending in 2025.

US President Donald Trump imposed the latest sanctions, which prevent the sale of Venezuelan assets or those of its state oil company to US citizens or corporations, on Monday.

Trump Still Open to Possibility of Summit with N. Korea
Despite the sudden pause in the rush toward a summit, all sides will most likely try to reschedule the meeting. He said North Korea remained open to resolving issues with Washington "regardless of ways, at any time".

Speaking at an event at the election board, he promised to present evidence that the U.S. embassy had been engaged in a military, economic and political conspiracy.

"We'll present proof to the country of the military, economic and political conspiracy from the embassy's charge d'affaires".

Maduro does run an increasingly autocratic government that's been hit by USA sanctions, however, so that makes him easy to relate to for Pyongyang.

We remain committed to supporting a peaceful, negotiated, democratic solution to the crisis in Venezuela and to support the Venezuelan population through humanitarian assistance.

Most analysts say that Venezuela's economic troubles that have caused food and medicine shortages are the result of falling oil prices and the government's economic mismanagement.

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His wife, Jenny Barker, left for her job in another vehicle thinking that both children were at the day-care center, police said. - A 1-year-old girl died Wednesday after her adoptive father left her inside a hot pickup truck "all day", authorities said.

Hundreds of thousands have fled the country to escape the growing deprivation.

The joint statement says by "failing to meet accepted global standards and not securing the basic guarantees for an inclusive, fair and democratic process, this election and its outcome lack legitimacy and credibility". He refused to answer whether he believes the United States will pressure China on its loans with Venezuela, instead stating, "I don't think others should interfere in China's normal relations with countries around the globe, including in normal cooperation". Naranjo, his deputy, is one of the most senior State Department officials working on Venezuela, having served previously in Caracas when Chavez first ran for president in 1998.

"Venezuela is beginning to suffer an economic boycott by the United States and its allies, and this is going to be fatal to the regime", political analyst Carlos Romero told AFP. The 55-year-old former bus driver was re-elected Sunday.

On Monday an global observer mission led by the Council of Electoral Experts of Latin America (CEELA), comprised of former top electoral officials from throughout the region, said the election was clean. Most opposition parties decided not to participate after officials blocked their most popular leaders from competing.

"Never have we witnessed an worldwide attack as bad as the one that characterized this process", she said. "Venezuela is free, sovereign and independent".

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