Published: Sat, May 26, 2018
Sport | By Wendy Sparks

Champions League: Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp ready for Real Madrid showdown

Champions League: Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp ready for Real Madrid showdown

The Egyptian has been in blistering form for Liverpool this season after joining from Roma last summer.

Liverpool have lost their two previous finals under Klopp and Wijnaldum admits it is hurdle they must overcome but feels the general progress being made is equally important. Juve were the favourites and we knew that we needed to upgrade our level to go against them and win. Twice throwing away the lead in their opening game to draw 2-2 with Sevilla before only claiming a draw away to Spartak Moscow, it was an inauspicious start for Klopp's side.

Marc Mayo: If this game is to unfold as the "you score five, we score six" affair that seems nearly inevitable, Madrid will need every bit of firepower they possess out on the pitch.

Enter Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah.

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Aminu Mai-unguwa Mohamed is such a staunch supporter of Liverpool's rivals Chelsea that he is known by his friends as Aminu Mai-unguwa Chelsea, yet he had this to say to the BBC about his support for Salah: "I have faith in Salah, his team will be successful in winning the cup. We have scored the most goals and had exceptional performances", Klopp told reporters ahead of the game.

And this idea was something that had resonated with van Dijk before he even met the German.

In the lead-up to the Champions League final, a video which took the social media universe by storm was Marcelo's young son performing the "head bin challenge" with the Real Madrid squad, prompting Enzo's father to complete the challenge with Enzo's teammates as well. They did a great job and were champions. "Both teams deserve to be here".

Fans are gathering in the Ukrainian capital Kiev for the biggest event in the footballing calendar - the European Champions League final.

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Roberto Firmino hasn't been showered with effusive praise as much as Mohamed Salah, but the Brazilian striker, an embodiment of a modern centre-forward lies at the heart of the astounding success Jurgen Klopp's Kops have achieved in Europe this season.

So what will Liverpool do to ensure their manager isn't on the losing side again? I am pretty sure in the second before the game Real Madrid will be more confident than we are but the game doesn't end in that second, it only starts.

Liverpool have met Real Madrid in the European Cup final just once before.

The Yellow Submarine can be impressive in attack, but their level of talent pales in comparison to that of the Reds, who could punish Real severely for similar lapses. Don't be surprised to see Klopp target his side of the pitch in the early stages with long, angled passes from midfield in behind him for Salah and Mane to chase.

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However, the manner in which they have dismantled teams this season - "big b-- football" according to Klopp - is further evidence they are a force to be reckoned with and one defending champions Real Madrid will be wary of.

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