Published: Wed, May 16, 2018
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Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer And More Details Revealed By Bethesda

Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer And More Details Revealed By Bethesda

Fans had found out that a sequel was in the works thanks to a major leak from Walmart Canada last week. After that, the official Twitter profile of RAGE has been reactivated and actually stayed active for the following days. The game seems to have several warring factions mowing each other down in pure mayhem.

Unlike the first game, Rage 2 boasts a full open world wasteland for players to traverse. Now, we finally have something concrete.

When will Rage 2 be released?

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Which platforms will Rage 2 be released on?

Pre-Order for RAGE 2 is available right now priced at $59.99 implementing several pre-order bonuses. This entire incident resulted in a teaser for Rage 2 which barely showed us anything about the game. Publisher Bethesda has teamed up with id Software and Avalanche Studios to create an open world shooter that looks like Resdient Evil meets Destiny.

Bethesda is promising a "carnival of carnage where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything". In an interview with German-language publication GameStar (via Google Translate), creative director Tim Willits was quick to address this, saying that he "can say for sure" that the game will not have any loot boxes. However, this blood has also made them a target for the Authority, and after years of fighting, Walker is the only Ranger still standing. Take a look at the new footage for yourself above. The earth is now a wasteland where ruthless gangs are fighting over territorial power.

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One aspect of Rage 2 that (amazingly) hasn't leaked is the release date. As expected, RAGE 2 will have some sort of storyline apart from the following, however, no further information has been revealed. However, the official description of Rage 2 provides some clues. It does a brilliant job of showing off the game's open-world, it's traversal options from monster trucks to gyrocopters, and the weaponry, which includes guns, mechs and more.

Looking at the brief gameplay trailer, you can already see the game forming. Though, it did manage to capture that Mad Max vibe, as it featured characters with outlandishly punk costumes taunting on screen.

A Ranger's arsenal isn't limited to the abundance of upgradeable weapons and toys at their disposal. It is argued that with proper use neotricula abilities, Walker is able to emerge victorious from even a hopeless fight.

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