Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
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Everything you need to know about Deadpool 2

Everything you need to know about Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds has been too busy playing Deadpool to play "Deadpool". On the plus side, he now has accelerated healing powers, as we bear witness when a disturbing "baby hand" grows back after an unfortunate incident.

"For Deadpool 3, you know, it's an odd thing to say but I don't think there will be a Deadpool 3".

In case you are unfamiliar, Korean variety shows can get pretty insane and have premises that might seem a little odd to North Americans who don't venture too far out of the mainstream. Much to Deadpool's chagrin, Domino's declared superpower is luck, and in short order, she proves to him and us how lots of plain ol' luck is indeed a mighty superpower.

Deadpool 2 is out in theatres this week. I think the masked part of "King of Masked Singer" had a lot to do with it.

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Finally, we cut to Ryan Reynolds as himself holding up a script for the Green Lantern movie, another phase in Reynolds' career that is not remembered particularly fondly. (Don't worry, the opening credits are self-referential like the previous one was, and this one references the dog death in John Wick.) The closest this film comes to having an exciting highlight is in a midpoint chase and fight scene through the middle of the city; it is, like numerous set pieces here, leaning too hard on CGI, but Leitch is able to stage the action cleanly enough relative to what Tim Miller did in the original.

The problem is that there's just so dang many of them.

The video concludes with Deadpool looking at the team with a pair of binoculars and saying, "What in the Pogba?" and wondering why the team members are not wearing the official Deadpool kneepads. But movie lovers are also looking ahead, eyeing another Deadpool-starring film that sits on the horizon: X-Force. The next few paragraphs contain spoilers for the mid-credits scene and some plot points in Deadpool 2.

If there is an improvement, it's in the action sequences.

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Reynolds is once again at his arch and nihilist best here, while acting and jumping in so much facial prosthetics that it makes him look like he's inside melted cheese - or, as the first movie put it, an avocado that had relations with an older avocado.

Deadpool 2 is in USA theaters May 18. "All of the set pieces are three times what you saw in the first one", he says. While Deadpool 2's premiere date was pushed forward to May instead of June, other films like The New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix were pushed to 2019. The straight-laced metal monster Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) ferries him back to Professor Charles Xavier's X-Mansion where Deadpool will - hopefully - heal his tired soul just enough to kill himself and join his beloved Vanessa in the sweet hereafter.

"Thank you, guys, for having me". "Go bother Prof X", Stark supposedly replied. Given Disney's buying Fox, the merc with a mouth might just have his day.

That's the major issue of Deadpool 2.

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