Published: Thu, May 10, 2018
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Uber, NASA sign Space Act Agreement for flying taxi service

Uber, NASA sign Space Act Agreement for flying taxi service

Some of those firms appeared alongside Uber at the event with their own concept designs for what the flying taxis could look like. Uber must stop self-driving auto service in SF until it gets permitThe flying taxis would use helicopter-style rotors for takeoff and landing, but use fixed wings over longer distances.

Embraer unveiled its first vertical take-off and landing at the 2018 Elevate Summit in Los Angeles.

On Tuesday, Uber and NASA announced their partnership on the flying taxi project.

The company claims that while the first of its flying taxis would be flown by a person, Uber would eventually have them operate autonomously. Apparently this has never been deployed in a flying craft before.

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Eric Allison, the company's head of aviation program, showed a chart indicating that UberAir could conceivably charge $90 for a 29-minute ride between locations that would cost $60 and take 69 minutes using the UberX vehicle service instead.

Uber said it was not looking for tax breaks or local incentives, but was keen to work with cities which can work to bring the project to market as quickly as possible.

Uber is working on a ridesharing network of flying cars to help cut down on road congestion.

"Urban air mobility could revolutionise the way people and cargo move in our cities and fundamentally change our lifestyle much like smartphones have".

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The DA meanwhile, also clarified that the shared document was indeed not official content and had never been shared on the party's social media platforms.

The US space agency NASA and ride-hailing platform Uber have signed an agreement to explore the technologies and challenges related to urban air mobility (UAM). The goal is to create computer models of aircraft flying through Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in Texas, one of the world's busiest airports. That means developing an airspace management system that is a more complex version of what we know today as air traffic control. After this, NASA will take the results and identify the key issues these added aircraft to crowded airspace would pose. ChargePoint, a leading and "most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network" revealed its concept design for the two megawatts, high-powered charging charger for eVTOLs, semi-trucks and other electric aircrafts.

The vehicle's battery would last up to 60 miles and recharge in about five minutes, according to the company.

But Uber is nothing if not good at getting the attention of people who are still dreaming about flying cars filling our skies.

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