Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
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Fitbit's female health tracking goes live as its wearables get smarter

Fitbit's female health tracking goes live as its wearables get smarter

As for female health tracking, the update will roll out on the Fitbit mobile app for all iOS and Windows users. Fitbit will predict your upcoming cycles using its "proprietary cycle algorithm that gets smarter and more accurate as they log their period".

This spring, Fitbit will introduce menstrual cycle tracking for all Fitbit users that identify as female on their profile.

For female health tracking, Fitbit details the ability to track menstrual cycles and symptoms, which should help optimize your health goals and life planning.

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LGBT couples could be denied adoption on religious grounds under new bills approved in Kansas and Oklahoma on May 3, 2018. Early this morning, the Senate passed a mega tax bill which is now up for debate in the House.

Have at 'em, Fitbit users. With it, should you receive a message from an app such as WhatsApp or Messenger, you'll be able to respond to messages with a default or custom reply, as well as emoji.

With the release of the Versa, Fitbit has also rolled out its new OS - Fitbit 2.0 - allowing all Ionic users to update to the new software.

There's also the option to write and store your own 60-character Quick Replies with a few emojis also available.

Melania Trump unveils 'Be Best' initiative to help kids
However, Trump will not land on just one issue affecting children, instead expanding the platform to include other keynote causes. She also represented the administration at the April funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush.

In March, Fitbit officially unveiled the Fitbit Versa - a product it calls a "smartwatch for all". Dexcom's app will be available in the second half of the year, while the rest of the app and clock faces that aren't available today should go live by summer 2018. Fitbit has explicitly said that it wants to attract more women to wearables. The on-device experience can be used to track where users are in their cycle and see when their period is expected. In the future, Fitbit hopes to use all this menstrual data to offer insights about how sleep and exercise impact your period and vice versa. The app also includes "judgment-free" information on ovulation and fertility, and a community tab to connect to other women so you can all sync up or something. What's different here is being able to see that in relation to other metrics that Fitbit already tracks, like sleep, weight and activity trends.

With this program, Fitbit has partnered with health care companies to deliver a variety of new apps to help users manage medical conditions - such as cancer or diabetes - and to improve wellness.

Additional apps from Fitabase, Go365 by Humana, Limeade (available now), Sickweather and Walgreens (now available) have also been announced.

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