Published: Tue, May 01, 2018
Industry | By Dora Warner

Facebook expands downvote button to some users in Australia, New Zealand

Facebook expands downvote button to some users in Australia, New Zealand

This was only visible to users in the US.

The "Downvote" and "Upvote" button isn't used on posts, but on comments, with the goal of improving the comments at the top of posts (by prioritising the ones with the most upvotes).

Users are reacting to this new development, and some of the reactions have been hilarious.

We are unsure of the number of users accessing the new Facebook feature now, but TNW which claimed to have reached Facebook for more details reports that users in New Zealand and Australia are the majority with access to the new voting system.

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Reportedly they are not testing a dislike button. But at that time, this button was only available to 5% of Android users in the US. Instead, it sees the downvote as a method for gaining feedback about comments on public page posts.

With this new strategy, the social networking platform is looking downsizing the hesitant stories for preventing the falsehood on its platform.

There has been no comment as of now.

Three months ago, Facebook confirmed testing downvote button by releasing the button to some users and informing the public through posts. Machine learning, clubbed with other signals such as user reports, would help in the prioritization of articles in the fact checking queue. Furthermore, if Facebook is really taking hints from Reddit, then it's worth noting that the later is primarily a News aggregation website, as mentioned earlier, whereas Facebook is a platform where friends and family connect with each other. Facebook trialed the downvote button back in February.

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- BEN SLATER? (@iambenslater) April 29, 2018Upvote and downvote comments on Facebook, when did this happen?

It seemed like Facebook had come up with a compromise when the social media giant introduced reaction buttons for statuses - including Sad, Angry, Whoa and Love.

This is indeed a controversial question, as the answer is mixed.

Rather than a thumbs down icon, as many had expected, Facebook has changed the way that comments are displayed to users. At that time it was added that when a user taps on the downvote button, Facebook asks the user if the comment is "Offensive, "Misleading", and 'Off Topic". Can it be enough or do we still need a real dislike button?

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Talking of the Facebook downvote button, Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, said that he is "flattered". They wont let millions of users leave their service without a fight!

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