Published: Sun, April 22, 2018
Industry | By Dora Warner

Is "God Of War" Really An Escort Mission?


To celebrate the release, we've made a decision to take a look back at 10 of our favorite boss encounters from the first three God of War games, and a few of the incidental spinoffs. This is reminiscent of Kratos' son, Atreus who uses a bow and arrow as his main weapon in the game.

This should be a given for any loot-driven game, but the gear that blacksmiths Sindri and Brok have for crafting always fall slightly below what you can find in the world.

"I guess I didn't want to believe that others would see it as we saw it so that's just awesome". The game cuts to first person, so you get an up-close-and-personal look at Zeus as you punish him.

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Kratos has changed from his earlier adventures in which his enemies would be dealt with in a gory rampage. They're slower to wind up, but hit an enemy with them and you'll likely root them in place with frost damage, taking them out of the fight for a few seconds while you pummel his friends with your fists.

Nearly every thing in God Of War is breakable, and most things will give you Hacksilver, which is very useful to purchase nearly anything in the game. It's a clever mechanic that uses gameplay to deepen the paternal affection that God of War is created to evoke: Should you spend your experience points and money on new skills, weapons, and armor for Kratos, or Atreus? You can throw your axe by pressing R1 and recall it with the triangle button.

So, forget Egyptian and Mayan myth. God of War 5 will have Kratos and Loki dealing with Thor, Odin, Freya and more characters we've yet to meet from Norse lore.

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The Parry becomes one of the most useful combat techniques in the game. Other areas may have been evolved, but the combat remains just as eye-wateringly brutal. The Stranger is actually Baldur, and Atreus (Loki) inadvertently helped in Baldur's death by Kratos, similar to actual Norse Mythology. Instead of relying on the fast travel system to constantly get where you need to go, go ahead and take the boat - you'd be surprised how quickly you'll get there.

God of War has received rave reviews from numerous outlets, including one of our own. Thankfully, this is possible once the map begins to open up.

Filmed in the style of a mockumentary, My Spirit Animal: Kratos from God of War takes a brief look into the life of Gary Hercule.

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While God of War may not be titled God of War 4 it certainly is the latter. Along with spending experience to unlock new skills, you can buy and upgrade armor from shops littered around the world.

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