Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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UK's Theresa May to Face Angry Lawmakers Over Syria Airstrikes

UK's Theresa May to Face Angry Lawmakers Over Syria Airstrikes

Theresa May faced widespread criticism from opposition MPs on Monday for her failure to consult parliament ahead of Saturday's air strikes against Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack in Douma last week.

Saying she had no doubt the "Syrian regime" was behind an attack which she called a "stain on humanity", May told lawmakers she had acted in the national interest and refused to say whether she would seek their approval for further action.

May was taking questions in Parliament about her decision to authorize the joint strikes. May has emphasized that the strikes were "limited" to only target Damascus's chemical weapons program.

"I think what we need in this country is something more robust, like a War Powers Act, so governments do get held to account by parliament for what they do in our name", he told the 's Andrew Marr Show.

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Vix Lowthion, Freshwater Parish Councillor, said: "Our government is taking us deeper into a conflict, following an unstable US President and against the wishes of the United Kingdom people".

"The US tries to undermine the credibility the fact-finding mission in Syria even before it arrives at Douma". The same poll said people were split equally in answering whether the government was right not to seek permission from the parliament prior to the airstrikes jointly held with the US and France.

"We have not done this because President Trump asked us to do so", May said.

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, had said Sunday on CBS's Face the Nation that details of fresh economic sanctions would be announced on Monday. So we have not done this because president Trump asked us to do so.

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Now, she is enjoying an unusual spell of worldwide support for her action in Syria and her stance against Moscow over a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy in Britain. Philippe told lawmakers that France's "riposte" was "proportionate" and sent a strong, clear message to dissuade Syria's government from using chemical weapons.

On April 14, the coordination with the USA and France conducted a series of military strikes against the regime of Bashar al-Assad after it accused the latter of being responsible for the chemical weapons attack on Douma, Eastern Ghouta on April 7th. Furthermore, many are frustrated that the government did not hold a parliamentary vote before launching the strikes, as had occurred previously.

Syria and its ally Russian Federation have sought to downplay the impact of the strikes, saying Syrian air defenses shot majority down.

The ministers said the European Union "understands" the need for the coordinated U.S, French and British airstrikes following the suspected April 7 chemical attack. Oddly, less has been made of the fact that the strikes were specifically against a military facility that had, according to available intelligence, manufactured the chemical weapons used on civilians in Douma.

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