Published: Tue, April 17, 2018
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The Walking Dead season 8 finale: is there a future for Negan?

The Walking Dead season 8 finale: is there a future for Negan?

The visuals help to recycle the voice of Carl from a few episodes back, asking for his father to work out a peace treaty with Negan.

Pregnant Maggie, Rick's longtime friend, was furious that Rick didn't finish Negan off because Negan had beaten to death her husband Glenn.

Rick has finally put an end to Negan's reign of terror, but rather than giving Negan a taste of his own medicine, Officer Friendly chose to throw the villain in jail as an example of a more civilized future.

The Walking Dead season 8, episode 16, "Wrath", brought the end of the war against the Saviors - here's what went down!

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As the episode opened, Negan held all the cards, having duped Rick & Co. with fake battle plans that made them think they had the drop on the Saviors. Rick didn't really react much to this news, just seemed to accept it. What Negan didn't plan was Eugene providing the Saviors with faulty bullets resulting in a loud array of misfires. All their guns exploded in their hands, courtesy of defective ammunition designed by Eugene (Josh McDermitt), who had secretly switched allegiances again.

Several of them died outright, several more were injured, and Negan was left with a badly wounded hand after attempting execute Dwight. Gaping neck wounds tend to be of the lethal variety, especially on The Walking Dead, but Rick had a second surprise in store: He ordered Siddiq to save Negan, who was still clinging to life.

The battle turned immediately, but the disarmed enemies quickly surrendered and slaughter was avoided.

Furious, she later broke the news to Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Jesus (Tom Payne). If Rick can be bumped off, then so could anyone else, at any time. I almost turned it off, though, when he gave Rick 10 seconds to make the Carl pitch for peace to him when he could have bashed his head in then and there.

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John isn't the only new addition to the Fear the Walking Dead universe - after Morgan and the cowboy find themselves captured by a group of local thugs, they're saved by a badass mystery woman driving an armored SWAT truck, who introduces herself as Al - aka Althea (played by Lost alum Maggie Grace) - and declares that the two men owe her for getting them out of a sticky situation.

Of all the Walking Dead characters who rocked the boat in Season 8, Eugene was the one doing it in the most loquacious, and arguably infuriating, manner. This very much lived in the world that Rick began with. How many different players had an embarrassingly clunky monologue? Though Alden decides to stay behind at Hilltop instead of going back to the Sanctuary.

A serene Carol (Melissa McBride), realizing the value of community, returned to the Kingdom. Fans know that post All-Out-War conclusion, Lennie James' Morgan will be migrating to Fear The Walking Dead to join the Clark family. As Negan was starting to listen, Rick reached out and slashed his throat with a piece of broken glass, wounding, but not killing him. "I hope that they are intrigued with these new characters, that they want to know more about them and they really like the way that they see the OGs interact with Morgan, who is an OG himself, and the new characters". The final showdown between The Survivors and The Saviors.

Unfortunately for Rick, Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) was seriously unhappy. Mrs. Rhee promised Jesus and Daryl that Rick and Michonne would be shown the error of the ways, which naturally has fans anxious about what that vague threat means. The show's biggest dramatic failing is that its characters never seem to develop. Does this mean that Maggie now wants Rick's head too? "We're going to bide our time, wait for our moment and then we're going to show him", Maggie tells Jesus and Daryl.

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Peace-keeping Jesus gave a hint of a smile as an even more surprising potential conspirator, Daryl, emerged from the shadows. Keep it simple, and we'll come flooding back in droves. If Maggie's intention is an indication, all-in war could be on the horizon.

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