Published: Sun, April 15, 2018
Entertaiment | By Lawrence Myers

Andrea Constand to confront Bill Cosby at his sexual assault retrial

Andrea Constand to confront Bill Cosby at his sexual assault retrial

Bill Cosby's chief accuser has told his sexual assault retrial she is seeking justice.

Cosby's first trial came to an end in June when the jury could not agree upon a verdict after 50 hours of deliberations.

Bill Cosby's lawyer has launched a fierce attack on the comedian's accuser, calling her a con artist who took advantage of Cosby's grief and loneliness over his son's murder to gain his trust before framing him for sexual assault.

Mesereau stressed that Constand had a history of financial problems, but she hit the jackpot with Cosby.

The actress said several of the women who accused Cosby of drugging and raping them reached out to her after seeing her controversial protest earlier this week.

During the first trial, Constand said she first met Cosby in late 2002, when she was the newly hired director of basketball operations for Temple University's women's basketball program and he was a university trustee and the Philadelphia school's most famous alumnus.

Constand visited Cosby's home six times, as well as drove to CT to see him at a hotel and twice met him in NY, never once seeing his wife and seemingly never questioning her whereabouts.

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Constand will take the stand over the course of the trial, as well as four other accusers of the almost 60 women who have come out with allegations against the comedian.

But when the accusations against the comedian began to surface, Rochelle said she "didn't doubt it for one second" due to "the sheer mathematics of it all".

"We're going to ask that you keep your eye on the ball", Mesereau said. "I remember thinking how wrong it was - how very, very wrong it was".

Constand said her next memory was waking up between 4 and 5 a.m, with her bra around her neck and her trousers "half unzipped".

A former reality TV personality who has called herself the "world's first supermodel", Dickinson became one of the first women to go public with her allegations against Cosby when she told her story on "Entertainment Tonight" in 2014.

Instead, it says each went to their separate rooms, where she drank, took sedatives and went to sleep.

"He introduced her to writers from the 'The Cosby Show, ' and movie producers, but she just didn't cut it", Mesereau said. "He said, 'I'm sorry to you, Andrea, and I'm sorry to you, Mom'". "I don't want to have that guilt and shame".

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Lasha said Los Angeles police told her to make her account "as brief as possible", adding she got the impression officers didn't believe her. Then, she said, she felt him digitally penetrate her. Even his "confessions" in the civil trial may simply prove he administered these drugs, but to what end? "I looked at Mr Cosby, and I said: 'I see two of you'". "They'll help take the edge off.'" Constand asked if she should put them under her tongue, like the herbal remedies they'd discussed.

Cosby is charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault and could face up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

Constand maintains they were sedatives and that she felt frozen after ingesting them and was therefore not able to resist any unwanted sexual advances. Cosby say she consented to a sexual encounter.

Court opened on Wednesday with the defence successfully arguing that jurors should hear about another accuser's criminal past so they can fully assess her credibility.

Lasha said Cosby gave her a little blue pill he described as an antihistamine to help her get over a cold, along with two shots of amaretto "to help break up the cough".

Constand says Cosby drugged and molested her at his suburban Philadelphia mansion in 2004.

Sobbing uncontrollably as she testified, Chelan Lasha told jurors she got to know Cosby through a family connection as a 17-year-old aspiring model and actress.

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Mesereau's new haranguing of the victim conveniently excluded the fact that Constand, now 44, came out publicly in 2015 as a lesbian to counter Cosby's assertion that he knew how to read the desires of women and therefore could not have assaulted them (despite the additional allegations that he drugged them first).

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