Published: Fri, April 13, 2018
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Apple To Mac Users: We Will End Support For 32-bit Apps

Apple To Mac Users: We Will End Support For 32-bit Apps

The 32- to 64-bit switch is something that's already happened with iOS, and macOS users can hardly say there has been no warning. Apple made a decision to ditch support for 32-bit devices with iOS 11 and it promised to make a similar move for Mac apps as well.

With macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, messages will start to appear when 32-bit apps are run. The tech giant has been transitioning to the 64-bit hardware and software since last decade or so.

"The technologies that define today's Mac experience - such as Metal graphics acceleration - work only with 64-bit apps".

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"Starting with macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, apps that have not been updated to use 64-bit processes produce a one-time alert when opened". Apple reaffirms that "final transition dates have not yet been established" but encourages users to check for 32-bit apps before support is cut off in the future. In January, Apple mandated that all new apps submitted for review should be 64-bit compatible. If you distribute your apps outside the Mac App Store, we highly recommend distributing 64-bit binaries to make sure your users can continue to run your apps on future versions of macOS.

Apple is ostensibly hoping that by warning its users, it will prompt developers that know they have 32-bit apps running on Macs to update them and deliver 64-bit integration. "To ensure that the apps you purchase are as advanced as the Mac you run them on, all future Mac software will eventually be required to be 64-bit", Apple continued.

In the Finder, click on the Apple menu in the upper left and select About This Mac.

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In the field that says 64-bit (Intel), check to see if it says Yes or No.

Like with iOS, the goal is likely to ultimately not support older 32-bit apps on macOS at all. The personal computer came with 64-bit PowerPC processors. For example, 64-bit architecture allows taking advantage of much more memory than 32-bit architecture does. If it says No, the app is still 32-bit. At the same time, it'll be easier for Apple to maintain the apps. In case of macOS, the company already stopped accepting similar apps to Mac App Store. Further, a user also gets the option to delete it or keep it, even though the app can't be used, notes CNET.

If you've got the latest version of popular audio recording tool Audacity, the alert will state that, "Audacity is not optimized for your Mac".

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