Published: Wed, April 11, 2018
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Instagram rolls out Focus portrait mode for videos and photos

Instagram rolls out Focus portrait mode for videos and photos

There's no guarantee that it will be made available to everyone as a permanent feature. With this new mode, "Focus" will allow the user to take photos and video in what's commonly known as a sort of "portrait" mode. The objective of the Portrait Mode feature is to apply a bokeh effect to photos - blurring the background while keeping the subject into focus. After eight years of sunsets and latte art, it's the selfies and portraits that still feel fresh on Instagram. From there you can either take a photo or video, using either the front or back cameras as the shooter. Notably, Apple's Portrait Mode only works with iPhone 7/8 Plus and iPhone X.

Nametags was first outed last month when codes for the feature were discovered within Instagram's Android APK.

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Instagram also rolled out Mentions stickers in iOS to make tagging friends in a Story easier, TechCrunch reported. Instagram says those with an iPhone SE and above can use the feature and so can users of certain unlisted Android devices.

You can find it by click the camera in the top left hand corner of the screen and navigating to Focus, which is behind Superzoom and Rewind (at least in my app).

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At this point, if Focus detects a face, you should see the background of the shot blur slightly.

The feature is found as a new "Focus" option under the shutter button when the Instagram camera is open.

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Focus gives people another reason to choose Instagram over Snapchat, and could make shooting inside the Instagram app more appealing. In addition, videos will also support the feature and, once captured, both photos and videos can then have filters and stickers applied, as with any other content.

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