Published: Wed, April 11, 2018
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Horror Movie Filmed in Dover Pawling & Beacon Tops the Box Office

Horror Movie Filmed in Dover Pawling & Beacon Tops the Box Office

The horror thriller directed by, co-written and starring John Krasinski and his real-life wife Emily Blunt initially was tracking an opening weekend in the $20-$25 million launch, but it pulled in $19 million on Friday alone.

Paramount's A Quiet Place is now playing in theaters everywhere.

Also - neat little bit of trivia: A Quiet Place was nearly made into an entry of Paramount's Cloverfield horror/sci-fi anthology franchise.

Desert bone the oldest homo sapiens fossil outside of Africa
The bone , 3.2 centimetres long, is thought to be the middle bone of a middle finger, and is likely to have belonged to an adult. Previously, it was theorised that Homo sapiens did not live continuously outside Africa until 60,000 years ago.

Chris Pratt is urging fans to see his friend John Krasinski's new movie, A Quiet Place, insisting it is "unlike everything (they've) ever seen". But Krasinski (who wrote the script with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck) chose to keep his characters blank and undefined, their memories and musings out of bounds. The most impressive parts of the film are these adaptations -- Krasinski employs a clever understanding of light, textures and materials to make daily life and communication possible. The rules of this world are very clear and every single real world sound feels like a deadly mistake. You have to go see this movie. In that moment, "A Quiet Place" disgorges its entire stifled and impacted ideological content.

Another key player in this powerhosue cast is Millicent Simmonds, who plays the Abbot's preteen daughter, and who is actually deaf. She also holds herself responsible for the accidental tragedy that happened on a scavenging trip the year before. She gave a great performace and added a whole new layer of depth to the film. I just got out of A Quiet Place.

Communication is a central theme in the film. In this way, the film works as a piece of speculative fiction that reimagines an impairment as an enhancement.

In blow to peace, Colombia jails ex-rebel on United States drug warrant
After the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia disarmed a year ago , the group announced the formation of a political party. Some dissident members of the FARC are said to have turned to drug trafficking and other criminal endeavors.

As star Emily Blunt put it, "Sound plays another character in this film".

While it's important to not text message, answer calls, talk or loudly eat popcorn and snacks that might annoy people and ruin the experience of a movie - no matter what you're seeing - it's especially true of "A Quiet Place". "This much bigger than expected debut comes in an era of ongoing popularity for the horror genre that in North America alone a year ago generated over $1 billion in box office", Paul Dergarabedian, a media analyst at comScore, said. You immediately brought us into the world of #AQuietPlace.

CWG 2018: Heena Sidhu doubles her tally with 25m pistol gold
Australia with 109 medals, including 41 gold continues to top the tally followed by England with 69 medals, including 23 gold. Elena Galiabovitch of Australia scored 35 to take silver while Malaysia's Alia Sazana Azahari got bronze with 26.

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