Published: Fri, April 06, 2018
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Overwatch Retribution kicks off next week with new story content

Overwatch Retribution kicks off next week with new story content

After failing to extract an Italian crime lord, Reaper, McCree, Genji, and Moira will have to escape by battling their way through the Talon-occupied streets of Venice.

Mr. Kaplan came on stage wearing a Blackwatch shirt, introduced himself, and showed off the trailer relatively quickly.

The Overwatch Archives event lets players go back in time to play key missions from the organization's past.

Like last year's Uprising event, Retribution will be playable in story mode with the four main heroes, as well as in all-heroes mode, letting you play through it with any sort of insane team composition you can think of.

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To further show off in chat, All-Access grants you a global chat badge, so you can rep the Overwatch League on Twitch no matter where you are. Talon will be fielding snipers, assassins, heavy assaults, and a "bunch of other [units]" in the mission against you.

While Overwatch is primarily a PvP focused shooter, over the last couple of years the folks at Blizzard have dabbled into story telling, fleshing out the lore and backstories for different characters.

The event will start April 10 and will go on until April 30, and Uprising will also be playable during the same period.

Moira will be getting a Blackwatch skin for the Overwatch Archives event set in the new Rialto map.

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Recurring PvE missions within Overwatch will now be known as "Overwatch Archives".

As always, the latest issue available to read online, free of charge.

We know Overwatch League fans love interacting with their favorite players, so All-Access Passholders will be able to view and contribute to Match Day AMAs. The Venice map will be a daytime Payload-type map in the regular rotation after testing on the PTR once the event is over. Do you like the new Moira skin for the Retribution mission?

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