Published: Fri, April 06, 2018
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National Theatre and English National Opera´s gender pay gaps favour women

National Theatre and English National Opera´s gender pay gaps favour women

"However, it's not enough to pay men and women the same amount for the same work if companies really want to address the gender pay gap", said Lydia Frank, Vice President at PayScale.

Unlike pay inequality, which compares the wages of men and women for doing the same job, a gender pay difference is not illegal.

The data is based on the median pay for men and women in each firm, meaning that factors such as type and level of role and the numbers of people of each gender in part-time roles will also impact on the figures.

Meanwhile, the Chair of Common Front, Aylse Stewart says women account for 60 per cent of Canada Student Loan recipients.

"Any apparent pay gap is the result of the variety of jobs undertaken by men and women and the salary that these roles attract".

In a statement, the company said that this was because the majority of its retail assistants and distribution center staff were women, and that the small percentage of male employees worked mostly in its head office. "Employers should go a step further and determine if women have the same opportunities as man for advancement at the organization".

Bollywood star Salman Khan gets 5 yrs in jail
While the other four were acquitted by a Jodhpur court today, Salman was taken to the Jodhpur Central Jail from the court. The government of Maharashtra state, of which Mumbai is the capital, has challenged his acquittal in the Supreme Court.

However, the median average gap (which ignores the highest and lowest paid staff so as to represent more typical middle-range earners) is just 9.0% in favour of men, which compares with a national average of 18.4%.

Ryanair is one of the Britain's worst offenders when it comes to gender pay disparity, with women earning 67pc less than men on average.

Wyevale Garden Centre has reported women's mean hourly rate is 16% lower than men's, however the median hourly rate is 0% showing that men and women earn the same.

The reports follow a January announcement by Carrie Gracie, China editor for the BBC, that she was leaving her position to protest unequal pay at the organization.

The office said 78 percent of commercial businesses and public sector organizations paid male staff more than female colleagues. The report caused an outcry that has led to parliamentary hearings.

We are shocked at the below list of the companies with the biggest gender pay gaps.

Gundersen doctor skeptical on study supporting marijuana as replacement to opioids
In turn, approximately 40% of all the respondents who participated in surveys, support the use of marijuana for any objective . They found a 14% reduction in opioid prescriptions in states that allow people to easily purchase medical marijuana.

That remains to be seen.

No agency has achieved complete gender pay parity.

Women make up more than 70% of its 2,500-strong workforce, Day Lewis noted.

A gender pay gap can arise if there are more highly paid men than women in a company, or if women are deemed to be less experienced than their male counterparts, or if women take a hit to their salary after taking maternity leave. Austria and Belgium were other early adopters, though they don't force companies to release figures publicly.

"Publishing and monitoring pay gaps will help employers understand the reasons for any gap and consider whether they need to develop action plans to tackle the causes", the government's Equality and Human Rights Commission said.

Mandatory recall issued for kratom due to Salmonella outbreak
After handling these products, people should wash their hands thoroughly, as well as work surfaces and utensils after contact. That means it is nearly impossible to verify what is actually inside any kratom pills, powders, or teas.

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