Published: Thu, March 22, 2018
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Gov. Rauner claims primary victory

Gov. Rauner claims primary victory

According to Politico's Natasha Korecki, Democratic turnout in IL was up 300 percent versus 2014 and up 30 percent versus 2010, the last midterm cycle where there was a competitive Democratic gubernatorial primary.

Mr. Raoul and Mr. Quinn battled it out through competing campaign ads in the final push of the primary election, accusing each other of conflicts of interest and other inappropriate behavior.

The Democratic nominee will run against incumbent Republican Governor Bruce Rauner in November.

But one of the races that caught the attention of the media during the primary in IL was the Third District of Congress, which resulted in an out-of-mold Democrat and a neo-Nazi Republican.

"People know that I'm my own person", said Rauner. Thank you for all our supporters. "We have the chance now to finish what we started and accomplish the change IL so desperately needs". "On to victory. On to victory".

His victory was narrow in part because of a backlash by conservatives, who point to his signing of Democratic bills on abortion and immigration - and blame him for a two-year budget impasse that ended with a tax increase and nearly none of his agenda.

Syrian rebels to evacuate opposition-held town in Ghouta
As rescue workers rushed to help the victims and clear away the bodies of the first strike, the warplane hit yet again, he said. He said the number of civilians fleeing rebel-held areas has been declining after tens of thousands left in recent days.

"To those around the state of IL who wanted to send me a message, let me be clear", Rauner said. "But today, the popular revolt against the political ruling class fell just a bit short". "I choose to fight for the black and brown communities across our state, for the one thing, the one and only thing you've asked for for so long - fairness".

Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) narrowly escaped a primary challenge from the right. It included: a strong infrastructure and message, Democratic voter energy, Rauner's interference in the Democratic primary, and Rauner and President Trump's unpopularity with the electorate. Billionaire businessman J.B. Pritzker topped the list of six candidates by a large margin. Pritzker shouted to cheering supporters. Robert F. Kennedy; and Daniel Biss, 40, a state senator who for much of the campaign joked that he only gave himself $25 - drawing a contrast to his far wealthier opponents. His opponents in the primary even termed his "fraud" and "liar" but Pritzker remained indifferent to the criticism.

Incumbents have the advantage of name recognition and the ability to build a resume, but they also have to cast votes that lay bare their allegiances and strategies as well as the scrutiny of every public statement and questions about whether they're paying more attention to their campaign than their current term in office.

Mr. Pritzker was leading.

Pritzker told the Sun-Times he won't commit to a spending cap for the fall campaign; he's already pitched in almost $70 million of his own money to his race. And it could also break the national record set in California several years ago.

Rauner, first elected in the 2014 Republican wave, has had a rough four years in Springfield.

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The bail has been set for a former Minneapolis police officer charged with third-degree murder in the death of Justine Damond . Police union president Bob Kroll said the union couldn't comment on specifics of the case but would review Noor's firing.

Besides reclaiming the governor's mansion, Democrats hope the apparent enthusiasm gap helps their nominees in five GOP-held congressional districts in IL that are among the party's targets nationally.

On the Democratic side, Lisa Madigan's surprise retirement announcement previous year made eight Democrats and two Republicans think: I could do that job.

"We have not spoken yet; you are right, it is very hard".

There's no doubt Rauner's campaign will continue to try to link Pritzker to Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan - and a full backing by the Democratic Party at this point will likely only embolden those efforts. He lost by less than three percentage points. The Harvard-educated lawyer reportedly skipped the usual victory party to watch the returns with her family.

But hey, the general election will be here before we know it - only 7 months, 16 days to go.

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