Published: Tue, March 20, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

You're legally dead, and will remain dead, court tells man

You're legally dead, and will remain dead, court tells man

Constantin Reliu, 63, had the shock of his life when he was told that he was, in actual fact, dead.

Constantin and his wife have... not exactly been on great terms in those two decades (or at least, according to him: no one has been able to find his wife as of yet.) He went to work in Turkey back in 1992, returning to find his wife was being unfaithful.

The man appealed to cancel his death certificate, which was issued in 2016, but the court told him that he was too late, and that would have to remain officially dead. "I have no income and because I'm listed as dead, I can't do anything".

Her husband first became aware of his death when he tried to return to Romania in January, after the Turkish authorities expelled him because his papers had expired.

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The decision, the court said, is final.

I guess you could say it's a matter of life or death? He was unaware that he had been declared dead in his absence when he returned to Romania.

"I am a living ghost", he said. Trump's lawyers kept him calm past year by saying the investigation was wrapping up, she said, but it's clear now that it isn't, and "the longer this goes, the more you are going to see the president frustrated by it". It took more than six hours of interrogation just to convince customs officials he wasn't playing a hoax on them, he told local media.

When he arrived in his hometown of Barlad, authorities were less convinced than those in the capital.

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The ruling is allegedly final and can not be appealed against. However, under Romanian law, he can still file for an annulment of the death certificate in the same court where the decision was issued in 2016, BalkanInsight reported. His sad plight also left him broke as he can not work anywhere as both Turkey and Romania had banned him for life.

Mr Reliu said he would like to file a fresh lawsuit but has no money and suffers from diabetes, which makes everything more hard.

The Romanian courts are unwilling to allow him any documentation, however, because as far as they are concerned, he is dead.

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