Published: Fri, March 16, 2018
Markets | By Noel Gibbs

Russian Cargo Plane Spills 172 Gold Bars Onto Yakutsk Runway During Takeoff

Russian Cargo Plane Spills 172 Gold Bars Onto Yakutsk Runway During Takeoff

The plane was carrying over £265 million worth of platinum, gold and diamonds and was taking off from Yakutsk Airport in Russian Federation.

A hatch of a cargo plane accidentally flew open during takeoff, which was carrying precious metals that led to almost 3 tonnes of gold to scatter on the runway.

A cargo plane flying for Nimbus Airlines out of Yakutsk, Russia, had its door burst open as it took off, spilling diamonds, gold, and platinum. Someone didn't properly secure the airplane hatch and about 200 bars weighing 20 kg each fell out of the plane onto the runway. The estimates of the spillage around the runway have still not been ascertained.

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'The plane plane then dropped some bars of gold as far as 15 miles from the airport'. The plane was forced to land back at the airport.

The airport said in a statement that a flap of the plane's cargo hatch was torn off during takeoff and that the cause was under investigation. The cargo was reported to be owned by Chukota Mining and Geological company.

The gold is being collected on the runway and in the nearby areas of the Yakutsk airfield in east Siberia, Russia, the Telegram Channel Mash said.

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The cargo of bars of concentrated ore used to transport the precious metals weighed 9.3 tonnes.

"I wish I were in Yakutsk", one person wrote wistfully, while another joked that Yakutia is such a rich region that "gold just pours from the sky".

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