Published: Wed, March 14, 2018
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Microsoft confirms Sony is blocking Fornite Xbox One to PS4 cross-play

Microsoft confirms Sony is blocking Fornite Xbox One to PS4 cross-play

Usually, whenever a major console character or game heads to mobile, as with Mario or Sonic, there's disappointment, both in player satisfaction and revenue terms. After the blog post of Epic games, Xbox owner Phil Spencer tweeted by saying that he wants to watch Xbox One and PS4 owners play the game online together.

Fortnite Battle Royale on mobile doesn't have a release date just yet, however, based on whats been communicated by Epic Games so far, it doesn't appear as though we'll be waiting all that long.

Looking ahead, it's unclear whether Sony might reverse its course.

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Other accounts are a bit more up front with their lack of affiliation with Epic Games and Fortnite, though they still gate their giveaways with retweet or subscription requirements.

Epic Games seem to be pushing Fortnite into the stratosphere, putting it out on all formats, pushing for cross-play, hell, it's even featured on UK TV in an abominable "This game is ruining my child's life" segment. Console quality graphics and action. The PS4 is ahead of Xbox One in sales, and enabling cross-play would mean that friends would not necessarily have to choose between the consoles if they can play games against each other on any console, notes The Verge.

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Sony hasn't stated publicly why they won't enable this functionality but one thing is clear, it's hurting the overall gaming community and putting PS4 players at an unnecessary disadvantage.

If you've been in your inbox all day, clicking refresh and hoping for a code to access the new mobile event, you may be unhappy about the likelihood of Epic sending out codes today.

If you had told me when it launched after six years in development hell that Fortnite would become the biggest game in the world and playable on nearly everything apart from a potato, I wouldn't have believed.

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Fast updates, fun gameplay, interesting additions, and efficient patches have become just some of the reasons for why Fortnite is so popular.

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