Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
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Progressive Conservative Leader Will be Decided Today

Progressive Conservative Leader Will be Decided Today

Elliott, who has run for the party's leadership three times, extolled her significant political experience compared to the rest of the pack.

Ford said he believes the legitimacy of the race has been compromised, but he was noncommittal when asked if he would dispute the results.

"Over 2/3rds of Granic Allen's second choice votes will go to Ford when she drops off the ballot and his vote is more efficient than Elliott's". He said Ford had outworked the other candidates to attract the needed votes. "It's not even close", Lefton said in court. "And I look forward to offering my honest congratulations to our new Leader".

Elliott responded that an independent panel selected her for the job and the suggestion that it was a patronage appointment from Wynne was ridiculous.

The prospects of a Doug Ford premiership looking more than just possible, Ontarians may be able to pay their hydro bills again without having to borrow from money set aside for their groceries.

Florida governor expected to sign bill with new gun controls today
The bill left only non-teacher staff eligible to participate, such as administrators, guidance counselors, librarians and coaches. It also creates a so-called "guardian" program that enables teachers and other school employees to carry handguns.

"It was Christine Elliott's camp who refused - of all of the four candidates - to extend the voting by a week", said the former cabinet minister, referring to an injunction application for an extension that was denied by a judge.

The family gained notoriety during Rob Ford's term as Mayor of Toronto thanks to a spate of personal and work-related controversies.

Matthew said any leader would support massive reductions in hospitals staff, teachers and other services.

"Hopefully Doug Ford will be declared the victor", he said.

News of the court action came hours after one of the candidates vying for the top spot alleged that party "elites" were handpicking those who would be able to cast a ballot in the leadership election. "Marie during the leadership race, he struck me as really wanting to help Northern Ontario", Romano said.

Trump Signs Off on Tariffs
However, the announcement is expected to be the beginning of a wider trade war , with additional tariffs likely to follow. In Tokyo, the steel industry was also concerned that the protectionist measures could affect global trade.

Her team claims thousands of PC members were assigned to incorrect ridings and in one instance, the Hamilton riding of Mount Hope was assigned to a riding located hundreds of kilometres away.

Campaign scrutineers and their lawyers remained behind closed doors for hours trying to sort out problems behind the scene, leaving party members in the Markham, Ont., convention hall waiting and in the dark.

Gina Brannon, the lawyer for the Ontario PC Party, said the turnout is something to celebrate - a record high due in large part to the first ever online ballot, which meant people didn't have to drive great distances to vote. However in ridings with fewer than 100 ballots cast, each vote is then equal to a point.

Over the course of the campaign triggered by former Tory leader Patrick Brown's departure amid sexual misconduct allegations, Ford repeatedly vowed wrest control of the party from elites and give a voice to the grassroots members.

Before Mr. Brown quit as party leader, the Conservatives had appeared poised to seize power in Ontario's provincial assembly from the Liberals in a vote scheduled for June 7. Despite the energizing effect of any leadership race, and the extra burst of publicity, the real scrutiny is about to get infinitely more intense.

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Ultimately, though, this should be a very good match if the five-way teaser on Smackdown is any indication. Asuka WrestleMania match to give creative an easy way out of booking a clean finish to the singles match.

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