Published: Fri, March 09, 2018
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South Korea war games may overlap with April's Kim-Moon summit

South Korea war games may overlap with April's Kim-Moon summit

It wants the world to believe that it is capable of producing a powerful device and launching it over a significant distance - a real threat for many countries.

North Korea has yet to confirm the concessions Seoul says Pyongyang has offered so its motives are open to interpretation.

The State Department's assistant secretary for East Asia, in place in an "acting" capacity, still hasn't been confirmed.

But despite the hype and spin that inevitably accompany this kind of news, it's a pretty safe bet North Korea isn't going to abandon its nuclear weapons program any time soon.

Tuesday's announcements were the most promising indication that the USA and North Korea could now talk.

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China and Russian Federation would certainly be happy to see us leave. While it was possible that officials from Washington and Pyongyang might finally sit at the same table, the fact that North Korea had reneged on its promises in the past did not bode well for the future. "We have a deep bench of very experienced people".

In 2008, a North Korean soldier shot and killed a South Korean housewife who wandered into a restricted area while visiting there. Officials said there's no sense yet on who might be tapped to fill the role.

"The United States would need to enter any dialogue with very detailed ideas on where it will draw the line in talks with North Korea because there will be a mixture of demands it might be able to meet and those it can not meet", Hong said.

But the sentences above may simply be a repeat of the way the North has always justified its weapons development: We only need nukes because of the "hostile" policies of the United States and its allies. He also said "the great help we've been given from China" has played a role, although there have been repeated reports of North Korea using Chinese companies to evade global sanctions.

South Korea will continue imposing sanctions on North Korea, despite warmer relations between the two states which agreed to hold an inter-Korean summit for the first time in more than a decade. The question is whether it has miniaturized a nuclear warhead and mastered a missile's re-entry phase.

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It added that the United States' position on the April talks must be aimed at North Korea's denuclearization. The US has long insisted that Pyongyang take concrete steps towards denuclearisation as a precondition. The broad list of sanctions envisaged by the law includes various measures, ranging from cutting arms sales and export of sensitive technologies to halting financial assistance and bank loans, none of which seem to be relevant in the case of North Korea, already suffering from multiple rounds of Washington's sanctions.

The Foal Eagle exercise, which was originally scheduled to take place during the Winter Olympics, involves thousands of US and South Korean troops and is the largest bilateral exercise involving those forces.

Moon declined to comment on the summit, saying: "We will see".

But the administration will have hard questions of its own as it gauges North Korea's intentions.

Pyongyang and Washington may also have diverging views on denuclearisation. We want a true peace, not a false one.

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Moon's presidential national security director, Chung Eui-yong, who led the South Korean delegation that met with Kim, is to leave for the United States on Thursday to brief USA officials on the outcome of his trip to the North. Chung told reporters on Tuesday that he received a message from North Korea intended for the United States, but didn't disclose what it was. This official did acknowledge, however, that this detente does leave the U.S. on the margins.

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