Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

Most See Russia Nuclear Attack As Unlikely

Most See Russia Nuclear Attack As Unlikely

07 de marzo de 2018, 17:29Moscow, Mar 7 (Prensa Latina) Destroying Russia would spell catastrophe for mankind, said Russian president Vladimir Putin today, before confirming his country " s intention to use nuclear weapons, only if previously attacked with that kind of armament.

What Moscow has successfully done is refine old and new techniques to a higher level, and to employ them in a wider range of ways.

It's a dynamic that brings with it some very real dangers, not least of accidental conflict.

Police on the hunt for Heather Locklear's handgun
A rep for Locklear's latest show, "To Close to Home", said she is now on hiatus and they have no information regarding her arrest. So where was Locklear during the cops' search of her place? She also was booked on three counts of battery on a police officer.

The detailed, 37-page indictment from special counsel Robert Mueller last month alleges Russian operatives working for the Internet Research Agency used fake social media accounts and on-the-ground political organizing to exacerbate divisive political issues in the U.S. Posing as American activists, the operatives tried to hide the effort's Russian roots by purchasing space on U.S. computer servers and using U.S. email providers.

The crowd at the rally, held two weeks before Russia's presidential election, filled the Luzhniki stadium, which has the capacity for more than 81,000 people.

"It has always been like this in our history: once Russian Federation becomes a powerful and strong state, our partners begin to panic and attempt to hinder the country's development".

Governor invites NPP to form Govt in Meghalaya
Shillong: The National People's Party ( NPP ) President Conrad Sangma will be sworn in as Meghalaya Chief Minister on Tuesday. His father has served as a speaker in Lok Sabha from 1996 to 1998 and as Meghalaya chief minister from 1988 to 1990.

In some ways, this resembles the Cold War, but it is in many respects a much more dynamic confrontation. "This success is especially dear amid tough non-market conditions in which the Russian enterprises have to work", the president said. But many powerful Russians are similarly beholden to the West - which is one reason so many of them have been frantically lobbying Congress to ensure their names aren't included on upcoming sanctions lists. The Russian leader says that his campaign for more lethal weapons is a reaction to the U.S. major weapons buildup. "I don't spend my life living in fear but I am definitely at risk", he said.

One would have expected an address that is a fair mix of guns and butter instead of basically a guns speech.

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Amazon is aware that Alexa is scaring people with seemingly random laughter
Amazon has since acknowledged the issue amid a stream of social media users bringing attention to it. The seemingly random laughter was described as "creepy" and "freaky" by some commentators.

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