Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
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Microsoft Adding Windows ML AI Platform to Windows 10

Microsoft Adding Windows ML AI Platform to Windows 10

It is only capable of running apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store, and Microsoft claimed that the "S" stood for "Simplicity".

It appears as if the success of Windows 10 S has not been where Microsoft was hoping, as they're now encouraging users to start upgrading to the regular version of Windows and take advantage of a new Windows 10 S Mode.

"With the next major update to Windows 10, we begin to deliver the advances that have been built into our apps and services as part of the Windows 10 platform", the company said today.

Windows 10S is, in the simplest terms, Microsoft's Chrome OS competitor.

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Microsoft is revamping Windows 10 S, its version of Windows 10 customized for students, from a standalone operating system to a version of Windows 10.

The disappointment of Windows RT might explain why Microsoft has been so quick to change its approach with Windows 10 S, which has so far been available on only a handful of Surface tablets and other devices. Preferably, by next year, it would be a mode that other surviving versions of Windows 10 could work in. And now, even users who want high-end laptops that offer impressive performance can stick with Chrome thanks to devices like the latest Google Pixelbook.

Experts expect the Windows 10 S Mode to stick to the same 'philosophy.' Also, with the new mode, Microsoft will be able to push that philosophy on more Windows users as the OS will be available on most versions in the Windows 10 family.

Windows 10 S was built to compete against Chrome OS in the education market, but it has not gathered much market share in the USA and Canada compared to Chrome OS, regular Windows devices and iPads.

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Given the prevalence of machine-learning and AI in all of our devices, Microsoft wanted to make sure its new framework would complement the wealth of devices out there.

It's not clear why exactly Microsoft is going this route.

We use Win10S as an option for schools or businesses that want the "low-hassle"/guaranteed performance version.

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