Published: Thu, March 08, 2018
Entertaiment | By Lawrence Myers

Jennifer Garner Memes Her Own Oscars Realization Moment

Jennifer Garner Memes Her Own Oscars Realization Moment

Every Oscars, some star earns the honor of becoming a viral sensation, either when the show's cameras cut to the crowd and catch freaky celebrity reactions, or when the stars themselves fumble while in the spotlight. She said she was excited about working with Lena Dunham, in a series called Camping on which she will star, and suddenly remembered if she signed a nudity waiver.

After the show, a clip of the actress clapping in the audience went viral on Twitter.

Creative viewers threw out plenty of theories, guessing that her expression had to do with anything from forgetting to thaw chicken to leaving the curling iron on at home.

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Well now, thanks to Garner, we have answers.

Pretty much as soon as the footage hit our screens she was a meme, with many predicting what on earth she was thinking about. The actress took to Instagram on Monday and crafted a video in which she narrated her internal monologue over a clip of her buzzy Oscar moment.

In the first video, Garner joked about her love life. Her eyes then widen and her mouth slightly parts, like she just saw Casper the ghost or something.

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I'm torn here because it's awesome that Jennifer Garner has a sense of humor about herself, but it's also the end of a meme when someone memes themself. "Wait. where's my wallet?"

Peppermint has seen her return to the gym and stunt training in order to reclaim her position as Hollywood's go-to action heroine.

And in her third joke, she said, "Can't wait to work with Lena Dunham".

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