Published: Wed, March 07, 2018
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

Vaping Delivers Cancerous Chemicals, New Study of Teens Shows

Vaping Delivers Cancerous Chemicals, New Study of Teens Shows

Nearly 100 teens from the San Francisco Bay area were examined in the University of California-San Francisco study: 67 teens used e-cigarettes only, 16 used both e-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes and 20 didn't smoke or vape at all.

"The presence of harmful ingredients in e-cigarette vapor has been established‍; we can now say that these chemicals are found in the body of human adolescents who use these products", they wrote in their report, published in the journal Pediatrics.

"Although e-cigarette vapor may be less hazardous than tobacco smoke, our findings can be used to challenge the idea that e-cigarette vapor is safe, because numerous volatile organic compounds we identified are carcinogenic", the study read. Those who used both types of cigarettes showed levels of toxic compounds three times higher than those who only used e-cigarettes, who in turn showed levels of toxic compounds three times higher than the non-smokers.

Even though e-cigarettes producers advertise their products as safe and even suggest smokers to quit smoking regular cigarettes and to start using e-cigs, recent studies on e-cigarettes revealed that they can be as nocive as regular cigarettes.

More than half of the e-cigarette participants indicated using fruit- or candy-flavored products, which left significant amounts of the compound acrylonitrile, which is used widely in the manufacturing of plastics, adhesives and synthetic rubber.

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The study testing associations between e-cigarette use and more established smoking habits was conducted by University of California San Francisco researchers Benjamin Chaffee, Shannon Lea Watkins and Stanton Glantz, who concluded that "e-cigarettes do not divert from, and may encourage, cigarette smoking".

"We touch on vaping and electronic cigarettes and how electronic cigarettes also have some chemicals that have been found to cause cancer", Meza said.

Levels of toxic organic compounds were up to three times higher on average in the e-cigarette users compared with the controls.

"Teenagers should be inhaling air, not products with toxins in them", he added. But public health groups, the surgeon general's office, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention worry about evidence that vaping can get teens addicted to nicotine, and will lead them to smoking cigarettes.

Teens smoking e-cigarettes, or vaping, were found to have ingested far more cancer-causing chemicals than people who reported smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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The same CDC report found that only 2.2 percent of middle-schoolers and eight percent of high-schoolers had smoked traditional cigarettes in the past 30 days.

Dr Rubinstein said: 'I do not think teens are aware of the risks.

The study cautioned that e-cigarettes are often promoted as a safer, healthier alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

'Moreover, numerous teens in my practice tell me that they feel e-cigarettes are safe and only produce "water vapor"'.

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