Published: Tue, March 06, 2018
Industry | By Dora Warner

Amazon will soon stop selling Nest products as spat with Google deepens

Amazon will soon stop selling Nest products as spat with Google deepens

The latest bout in the tussle of the tech heavyweights was kicked off by Amazon's decision to stop sales of Nest's newer products (including the Nest Cam IQ and its new thermometer).

By clearing newer Nest products from its website, Amazon ramps up an already intense rivalry with Google in the connected home space, where the two companies' smart speaker devices - Amazon's Echo line and Google's Made by Google hardware - are already close competitors. The tech giant has launched a library full of built-in audio clips people can use to add - in Amazon's words - "unique sounds" to their creations.

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Sources cited in the report said they were given the impression that the decision came directly from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon's decision is expected to heat up even more its ongoing battle with Google over the smart home market.

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A report from Business Insider states that late a year ago, the retail giant reached out to Google smart home subsidiary Nest to let it know that Amazon wouldn't sell any of its newest products, including Nest Cam IQ and a new smart thermostat. To date, Amazon has dominated the voice-controlled speaker market with its Echo devices, which were projected to hold more than 70% of the US market in 2017. And while the online store said it would start healing the rift late previous year by stocking Google's Chromecast, it's still not available (that competes with Amazon's Fire TV). Nest has a mixed track record at Google, though, so it's also possible the company is bringing it closer to home in order to redeploy its talent towards other parts of Google's smart ecosystem. Considering the fractious relationship between the two behemoths, news that Amazon may stop stocking Nest appliances is hardly a shocker. The feud is believed to have first started in 2015 when Amazon pulled Chromecast products from its platform due to a lack of support for Prime Video. The company reportedly spent over $1 billion for Ring in a trail fastening track its task of turning Alexa the ruling digital assistant in the homes of consumers. That's likely a place where Amazon will compete with Google's Nest.

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