Published: Sun, March 04, 2018
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

Over Half Of Nose-Job Patients Do It For Selfies

Over Half Of Nose-Job Patients Do It For Selfies

If you're wondering if your selfies make your nose look fat, the answer could be yes.

This is based on the fact that close-range photos such as selfies can result in distorted facial features, like for example, making the nose appear larger than usual.

But when the camera is closer, around a foot away from a person's face, the relative nose size can increase by up to 30% for men, and 29% for women. When a camera lens is very close to your face, your nose is nearer to the camera relative to the rest of your face, and will therefore look larger.

The top of the nose was 7 percent wider on average.

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Fortunately, the study, titled "Nasal Distortion in Short-Distance Photographs: The Selfie Effect", inspires more culturally pertinent insights than "your schnoz looks giant on Instagram".

For the examination, Dr Paskhover and his partners built up a scientific model to help depict how much selfie cameras misshape the face.

Paskhover said in a statement: "Young adults are constantly taking selfies to post to social media and think those images are representative of how they really look, which can have an impact on their emotional state".

Of course, Sniffer Selfie Syndrome (™) is just one way social media has messed with our already fragile egos. Based on their findings, they estimate that selfies make our noses look about 30% bigger than they actually are. He explained that the objective of this study was to tell these young people that a selfie is in fact similar to a "funhouse mirror" and the images are not what a person truly looks like.

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The model calculated changes to the ratio between the nose's breadth and the width between the two cheekbones at different camera distances.

How selfies drive people's self-image is a public health issue, Paskhover said.

In January, a survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) found that 55 percent of plastic surgeons said that their patients requested surgery to enhance their face to look better for selfies in 2017, while only 13 percent claimed to have executed a selfie-related surgery in 2016. Numerous people who were asking him for plastic surgery showed selfie examples, prompting him to investigate this further.

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