Published: Sat, March 03, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Teenager Attempts To Assassinate Queen Elizabeth

Teenager Attempts To Assassinate Queen Elizabeth

According to documents declassified by the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (S.I.S.) on Thursday, when the Queen stepped out of her vehicle, he fired at her, but the bullet went high and wide.

Christopher Lewis, 17, fired a shot as the Queen toured the city of Dunedin, New Zealand's Security Intelligence Service (SIS) said.

According to the Mirror, witnesses reported that a loud crack "echoed" as the Queen stepped out of the Rolls Royce, but that they were initially told by police that the noise was from a falling sign or a auto backfiring.

The teenage suspect was soon picked up after an unrelated armed robbery where he confessed about his attempt on the monarch's life.

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In a 1997 story in The Times, released as part of the documents, Mr Lewis said his then police colleagues helped rewrite the assassin's confession to say he fired at the ground out of frustration.

It took more than three decades for the information to come out, prompting questions about whether authorities at the time mishandled the case to avoid embarrassment for the country hosting the royal visit. Fortunately two police officers walked into his line of sight and he did not take the shot.

Lewis was never charged with attempting to kill the Queen but was accused instead of offences including discharging a firearm.

During a later visit by the queen, according to Stuff, police were so anxious Lewis might make another assassination attempt they paid him to go on a 10-day vacation to a remote island.

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The report also shed light on the alleged cover-up that was mounted by the New Zealand security officers and their British colleagues, who sought to hide from the media how embarrassingly close the teenager had come to murdering Queen Elizabeth.

If Netflix's The Crown was already any indication that Queen Elizabeth II has led an eventful life, recent news of a potential "assassination attempt" just might make for an entire episode later down the line. "However [he] did not have a suitable vantage point from which to fire, nor a sufficiently high-powered rifle for the range from the target", reports Agence France-Presse.

The intelligence agency revelations have prompted a police inquiry into the matter.

As for Lewis, he eventually went to prison for the murder of someone else - a mother in Auckland whose baby he abducted - and committed suicide by electrocution in prison at 33 while awaiting his trial.

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The New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) released previously classified documents about the assassination attempt to media this morning - prompting a fresh police investigation into a possible cover-up at the time.

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