Published: Sat, March 03, 2018
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'Dirty Trick': N Korea Slams Claims of Supplying Chemical Weapons to Syria

'Dirty Trick': N Korea Slams Claims of Supplying Chemical Weapons to Syria

The US state department did not provide justification for the finding, but it comes just over one year after Kim Jong Nam died at an global airport in Malaysia in an attack authorities said used VX nerve agent.

But the sanctions are likely symbolic as the US has already imposed much stricter measures on North Korea via a succession of Presidential Executive Orders and Department of Treasury designations.

It was posted on the website of the US Federal Register and takes effect on Monday.

Despite the denials, North Korea remains one of the only countries not signed to the Chemical Weapons Convention which outlaws the production, stockpiling, and use of chemical weapons.

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Pyongyang has denied reports it provided Damascus with components to produce chemical weapons, denouncing them as a fabrication by the United States to exert pressure on the country, the KCNA news agency reported.

North Korean defectors have charged that such chemicals have been used against prisoners and disabled people inside the authoritarian nation.

Children in Syria reportedly suffering from symptoms indicative of exposure to chemical compounds being treated at a SAMS-supported hospital in East Ghouta.

Hussam Edin Aala, Syria's Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, condemned the use of chemical weapons anywhere and rejected what he called "false allegations" made by some countries against his government.

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North Korea is also widely suspected of assassinating Kim Jong Nam - the half-brother of DPRK leader Kim Jong UN - with a deadly nerve agent in Malaysia a year ago.

Robert Wood, a United States disarmament ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament, said on Wednesday that there has been a history of a relationship between the two countries with regard to missile activity, chemical weapons components.

According to the report by the state-run media outlet, a spokesman at the foreign ministry's research institute of American studies claimed that Washington's argument that Pyongyang cooperated with Syria on producing chemical weapons was "nonsensical".

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