Published: Sun, February 25, 2018
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Steve Jobs biodata expected to fetch $50000 in auction

Steve Jobs biodata expected to fetch $50000 in auction

The bidding will open March 8, and close March 15.

According to the listing on the website, Jobs had filed out the one-page application from 1973, complete with spelling and punctuation errors, including listing his name as "Steven jobs" and address as "reed college".

Jobs writes "yes" when asked if he owns a drivers license, but "possible, but not probable", in response to "Access to transportation?" It will be sold at Boston, Massachusetts-based auction house RR Auction.

Steve Jobs' typo-laden CV set to fetch £35800 at auction
Pre-Apple Steve Jobs CV to go for $50000 at auction next month

And next to "Special Abilities" and "Interests", he writes "electronics tech or design engineer. digital.", and adds that he is "from Bay Area near Hewitt-Packard.", in a reference to HP.

Jobs worked as a technician for games publisher Atari prior to co-founding Apple with Steve Wozniak in 1976. For skills, next to "Computer" and "Calculator", he has written, "yes (design, tech)".

"Steve Jobs was a notoriously hard signer... and his autograph is incredibly scarce among contemporary figures", RR Auction writes.

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A resume filled with typos from an applicant who said he had no phone and probably no way to get to work normally wouldn't end up anywhere else but the trash can, but in this case, it might fetch as much as $50,000 at auction. Other items available for bid include a signed newspaper clipping detailing a "New, faster iphone" that will "sell for $199" (those were the days) with an estimated worth of $15,000, and a signed Mac OS X technical manual from 2001, estimated at $25,000.

It offers a snapshot into a tumultuous period in Jobs' life, shortly after dropping out of university and marking his early ambition to break into the tech industry. "Steve Jobs was a notoriously hard signer...and his autograph is incredibly scarce among contemporary figures", RR Auction noted.

However, the entrepreneur served as the CEO of Apple from 1997 until 2011. Later, he was succeeded by incumbent CEO Tim Cook in 2011. Jobs died later that year of respiratory arrest resulting from the spread of a pancreatic tumor.

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During his tenure at Apple, the tech giant created some of its most well-known products, including the Macintosh Computer, the iPod, iTunes and the iPhone.

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