Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

United States woman wakes up with a British accent, feels 'isolated'

United States woman wakes up with a British accent, feels 'isolated'

A 45-YEAR-OLD woman in Arizona, United States, goes to sleep with extreme headaches and wakes up speaking in a foreign accent, according to the Washington Post. In 2016, Lisa Alamia from Texas found her accent has changed to British after waking up from a jaw surgery. They all started with an extreme headache and ended in a freaky change in speech - first Irish, then Australian and now British, the station reports.

Michelle Myers, a former Texas beauty queen who now lives in Arizona, US, has Foreign Accent Syndrome.

Myers said she suffered a headache so severe in 2015 that her right eye went temporarily blind and she couldn't move the left side of her body. Both incidents lasted about a week.

It was proven that Myers is not insane nor is she faking her changing accents.

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"She complained bitterly of constantly being taken for a German in the shops, where consequently the assistants would sell her nothing", neurologist Georg Herman Monrad-Krohn wrote in the first detailed case report on Foreign Accent Syndrome. She says that often people don't believe she isn't British nor do they realize there isn't actually that much amusing about the situation, at least not for Myers, who says she wants her condition to be taken very seriously.

Doctors said Myers isn't "a loon" and she isn't faking it, she has a condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome, which usually follows a stroke or other condition that causes neurological damage.

"It was a joke in my family that I'm awful at accents, so I think when they heard how good it was, they knew I wasn't kidding!" she said. "I realize it's part of me now", the woman told the British tabloid the Sun. I feel like myself, it's just it comes out differently.

Unusual as it may be, Myers said she has come to terms with her speaking voice.

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It's unclear precisely what triggered Myers' symptoms - or if she actually has FAS or something else entirely.

But her outlook is positive.

And one particular person seems to come to mind when she speaks. Affected people may also cut out articles such as "the" and drop letters, turning an American "yeah" into a Scandinavian "yah", for instance.

And above all, she wants people to take her seriously.

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"Some people think it's physiological; others think it's psychological".

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