Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
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Google Chrome Ad Blocker Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Google Chrome Ad Blocker Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Chrome will give its users a notification in the browser, alerting them whenever it blocks advertisements on a website, and giving the opportunity to automatically enable all ads on that site should they choose to do so. On mobile devices, the company is also planning to eradicate prestitial ads, even if they don't have a countdown clock; postitial ads with countdown timers that appear after you follow a link; ads that take up more than 30 percent of a page; flashing animated ads; and full-screen scrollover ads that appear on top of the page's content and obstruct it from view.

Google, the maker of the most popular web browser in the world, has made a decision to crack the whip on intrusive advertisements. Google has set out more details on the circumstances ad filtering is applied or lifted in a support page. But when you don't, you run the risk of being filtered out, especially by Chrome's new Ad-Filter.

According to LeBeau, it is crucial that publishers are aware of their status according to the Ad Experience Report criteria.

In a recently published blog post by Chris Bentzel, a Google partnerships manager, he describes numerous offending ad formats that are helping to spur this trend, such as high ad density, full-page prestitial ad formats that block editorial content, or indeed flashing animated ads (see image).

What do you think of the changes?

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Basically, what will happen is that all ads on websites that have been found to fail the Better Ads Experience Program.

Rather than simply telling publishers to remove bad ads, Google has put together some best practices that provide guidance on what types of ads to use instead. If a website will continue to be non-compliant 30 days after they have been notified, then Chrome will continue to block the ads on the website.

If a site has been identified as having ad violations, then network requests on the page - such as those for JavaScript or images - are checked against a list of known ad-related URL patterns. "And the new Chrome 'ad filter, ' in combination with Google Contributor, could actually offer a second life to beleaguered web businesses that rely on ad revenue".

Google will evaluate sites for violations of the Better Ads Standards by examining a sample of pages from the site.

Some of the websites affected by this change could also contain Google ads, Mr Roy-Chowdhury confirmed.

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For end users, nearly all of this work will go on behind the scenes, as Chrome's ad filters will recognize websites with a Failing rating and block network requests for images or Javascript when loading a page, effectively removing the ads entirely.

While those are acceptable alternatives, Google says they should still be used sparingly. Not only will Google appreciate it, it's likely your visitors will as well. Google reports that, as of February 12, 42% of sites that were failing have resolved their issues and are now passing.

Google says, in a flawless world, it would prefer not to block any ads at all.

While the result of this action is that Chrome users will not see ads on sites that consistently violate the Better Ads Standards, our goal is not to filter any ads at all but to improve the experience for all web users.

"From some of the publishers I've spoken to [that have ads in contravention of its policies] they say the only reason they have them is because that's what advertisers want", reports LeBeau.

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