Published: Sun, February 11, 2018
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Here's how Apple is displaying HomePod in its retail stores [Gallery]

Here's how Apple is displaying HomePod in its retail stores [Gallery]

The device had initially been due to launch in December, however Apple delayed the release saying it needed a "little more time" on the speaker.

There are no bones about it; HomePod is a superb wireless audio speaker.

The Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo vs. Google Home battle begins with the artificial intelligence capabilities of the three speakers. This week, we heard rumors that Apple has big plans for a product release in March.

Amazon Echo essentially houses Alexa, the personal assistant developed by the huge company. What do these home assistants think of each other?

The Google Home Max is available in Chalk and Charcoal for $399. It stands just under 7-inches tall, and besides invoking "Hey Siri", you can control HomePod by tapping the top of the speaker.

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HomePod, Apple's take on the smart home speaker and created to rival Amazon Echo and Google Home, has gone on sale in the UK. Google Home only supports the Google calendar, while the Invoke supports both Google and Microsoft calendars.

If the HomePod is used within an office where speaking to the speaker and listening to responses isn't disruptive to others, the device makes a great addition. Apple leaves the competition behind when it comes to audio quality. If you are confident that you would enjoy the HomePod, then wait. One, a home speaker that Apple hopes will "reinvent home music" and 2, an intelligent home assistant to help perform tasks such as playing music, reading the news, sending and receiving iMessages, setting reminders, providing answers to general questions, checking the weather and more.

This year, 30 million people in the US will use an Amazon Echo, according to eMarketer, which projected overall voice-enabled smart speak share at 68% for Amazon Echo and 25% for Google Home. Those homes with more than one Google speaker can utilize them to broadcast a message, which will play across any Google Home device located within your dwelling.

The device has two main purposes...

Early reviews of the recently launched Apple HomePod speaker seem to be tilting towards the positive end of the spectrum from an overall perspective, but critics have panned the new Apple product for its integration with the company's Siri digital assistant.

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However, the high price of the HomePod - at £319 it is significantly more expensive than the £75 Echo and £129 Google Home - has also been questioned.

"Indeed, the perception out there is that Siri, despite being on tens of millions of iPhones and the first virtual assistant to make a name for itself, just isn't as smart or useful as Alexa and the Google Assistant".

With the Apple HomePod seemingly struggling to compete with the other two speakers on an even footing, it is important to emphasize at this point that this speaker does have its advantages in the Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo vs. Google Home war. The HomePod works with Apple Music only, which means users can't use other music-streaming accounts like Spotify.

Does Apple Have What it Takes to Compete in Smart Speaker Market?

While an Apple ID is required to activate HomePod, every request made of Siri is not only encrypted, but also anonymised, before being sent to Apple's servers.

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