Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

'Wow!' - Trump Reacts to Sen. Mark Warner's Texts with Russian Lobbyist

'Wow!' - Trump Reacts to Sen. Mark Warner's Texts with Russian Lobbyist

-Senator Mark Warner got caught having extensive contact with a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch.

The senator was in contact with Waldman, who is a co-founder and the president of a Washington DC-based consultancy, the Endeavor Group, between February and May 2017.

Rubio's shrug did not stop President Donald Trump from latching onto the Fox News story.

Warner and Steele did connect on the phone, but Steele chose to not testify before the committee. Warner, the committee's top Democrat, said last month that "extraordinarily important" new documents had been obtained by the committee in its ongoing probe.

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Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) texted back and forth with lobbyist Adam Waldman, who runs the Endeavor Group - which has ties to (surprise!) Hillary Clinton - while leading the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation into President Trump's alleged ties to Russian Federation with his Republican colleague North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, inviting him to talk to the Senate intelligence panel.

"Da, Comrade. we shall overthrow Trump for the glory of Mother Russia!" But Thursday night marked a particularly clear example of the president and Russian messengers aligning in their attempts to undermine the Trump-Russia investigation. Why would a Republican member of this committee think it's okay for a Democrat to go and meet with Russians... without telling the committee? The Russian billionaire, who once sued Paul Manafort, Trump's election campaign manager, was expected to have some information on the USA president's aide.

Waldman is best known for signing a $40,000 monthly retainer in 2009 and 2010 to lobby the US government on behalf of controversial Russian billionaire Oleg V. Deripaska.

The entire correspondence between Warner and Waldman is available below.

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Fox News, Russia, and the Trump family are doing all that they can to smear a respected Senator because he is getting too close to the truth about potential Trump crimes with Russia.

Waldman told Warner that Steele had "cold feet" from the leaks in the investigation.

"From the beginning of our investigation, we have taken each step in a bipartisan way, and we intend to continue to do so", Burr and Warner said in a joint statement Thursday night. "Has had zero impact on our work".

Really grasping for straws, Fox News' Ed Henry tosses in the tidbit from above, "Waldman, whose firm has ties to Hillary Clinton".

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The information about Warner's contacts with a Russian billionaire's lobbyist comes amid allegations that Hillary Clinton herself also colluded with Russia to gain influence with the Obama White House back in 2010.

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