Published: Sat, February 10, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

Facebook Is Testing A Downvote Button For Comments

Facebook Is Testing A Downvote Button For Comments

Facebook is testing a new downvote button with a limited set of public Page post comments.

When used, the Downvote button hides a comment, offering additional reporting options such as Offensive, Off Topic, or Misleading.

The test is now made available for 5% of Android users in the United States with the English language setting.

It's important to remember that Facebook often tests out new products on subsets of its users, and doesn't always make them available to everyone.

The button, which simply says "Downvote", appears to the right of "Like" and "Reply" options below a comment.

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Facebook's "like" button allows users to express their approval for the messages, photos and other content their friends posted.

In a report via the BBC, Facebook is trialling what it calls a "downvote" feature.

Some people are questioning how well this type of feature will work on Facebook, as it could result in people downvoting comments for personal reasons and possibly cause more difficulty on the social network.

Facebook has stated that this is not supposed to be a dislike button.

In a statement, Facebook said: "We are not testing a dislike button". Could it possibly end up in the role of a dislike button, despite the company's intentions? Martin Garner at CCS Insight notes that the new button could be a part of Facebook's effort to shrug its image of a publisher, according to BBC.

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Facebook said that there will be no visible count of downvotes on comments.

The downvote button is similar to the signature functionality of Reddit. With the negativity rampant throughout social media, a thumbs down button would probably only add to it. By letting them downvote inappropriate comments to hide them.

The test was reported earlier by the Daily Beast.

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It seems that the downvote button is more of a moderation tool rather than a reaction tool.

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