Published: Fri, February 09, 2018
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Here's how to create your custom themed movies on Google Photos

Here's how to create your custom themed movies on Google Photos

The festival of love is upon us and Google wants to help you create a special memento to mark the event. Earlier, Google Photos created automatic videos on special days or combine all the pictures of a trip you took, but this feature was never enabled for users to create their own. Among those themes is a new one called "Valentine's Day Movie". "These other are "They Grow Up So Fast", "Meow Movie", "Doggie Movie", "Selfie movie", "Smiles of 2017", Mother's Day Movie", "Father's Day Movie" and "In Loving Memory". "With a range of themes, from "They Grow Up So Fast" to the feline favorite 'Meow Movie, ' it's the ideal way to celebrate all of your favorite people, furry friends, and treasured moments".

In the past, Google Photos would automatically create the movies based on stored images that are linked into special occasions, however users can now custom-make their movies.

Google is celebrating Valentine's Day with create-your-own movies in Google Photos
Google Photos adds DIY themed movies and photo books

All things arranged for the job, the next thing to do is launch the Photos app and head on to the Assistant tab and then click Movie.

It seems like the giant, Google is testing out a new Google Photos update which will soon show you the shared photos as a preview on your smartphone within the notification panel.

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Users have the ability to edit the themed movie Google generates, though, in case there's something they don't like or want to add. This means you won't get any professional special visual effects or a mesmerising transition - as you can watch in this sample video. Google has promised to release more themes throughout the year.

Nevertheless, Google Photos on Android and iOS include basic editing controls that you can use to adjust the clip timings or change the soundtrack in the background.

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Google has announced some new options for Google Photos users, one of which is designed specifically for Valentine's Day.

Fun tip: Search your gallery for "hug", "kiss", or kissing smiley to find photos that'll make you go aww.

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