Published: Thu, February 08, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Senate reaches bipartisan budget deal, House opposition emerges

Senate reaches bipartisan budget deal, House opposition emerges

The two are not mutually exclusive. "That's what we're asking for, just simply a vote".

It's clear that Senate Democrats have no appetite for another government shutdown.

US Senate negotiators rushed on yesterday to forge a two-year budget plan that would ease Washington's spending brinkmanship, even as President Donald Trump backed a government shutdown if it does not include his demands on immigration.

Schumer said the upgrades and expansions will ultimately help reduce wait times at VA hospitals and clinics across Upstate New York.

"We are pleased Congress has been able to meet our defense spending requirement and come together on a two-year spending bill", White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

"I think everybody's realistic enough to understand that - but remember we'll have every Democrat in the Senate on record", Alabama Rep. Bradley Byrne, a defense hawk, said. "To me the main thing is funding the military".

"The compromise we have reached will ensure that for the first time in years, our armed forces will have more of the resources they need to keep America safe", McConnell said.

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The cuts were split 50-50 between defense and domestic discretionary spending.

On Tuesday, Schumer said the emerging Senate deal would increase funding for domestic programs like drug treatment and broadband infrastructure that Democrats want, as well as a military spending increase sought by Republicans.

The bill to address carbon dioxide emissions passed by a small margin in the House but died in the Senate.

Pelosi says she hopes the House follows the Senate's example and takes up an immigration bill. And the deal reportedly includes $140 billion in war funding, which is not subject to BCA caps, split between the two years. We'll take a bill that the president supports, so we look - put it this way, President Trump made a very serious and honest offer of goodwill with the reforms that he sent to the Hill. "They want to do it their way or no way".

Democrats could be forced to curtail their retreat if the Senate, as expected, sends a different bill back to the House. "We'll be here to vote if we need to vote".

Undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country as children, known as "dreamers", are on the verge of losing their work permits after President Trump ended the program that protects them from deportation.

If that fails, the US government would suffer its second shutdown this year, after a partisan standoff over USA immigration policy led to a three-day partial shutdown last month.

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Pelosi, for her part, spent hours Wednesday morning and afternoon speaking on the House floor in a kind of pseudo-filibuster, calling on House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to make the same sort of commitments that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made for Senate Democrats last month, when he said he meant to bring an immigration bill to the floor with a fair and open amendment process.

It would also extend the federal government's debt ceiling until March 2019, defusing a contentious issue and putting off for more than a year the risk of a debt default, which had loomed next month. About $160 billion would go to the Pentagon and about $128 billion would to non-defense programs.

McConnell filed and moved to end debate on the agreement to lift the budget caps shortly before midnight. Under that law, military funding is set to be capped at $549 billion for defense and $519 billion for nondefense in fiscal 2018 - representing in both cases a small cut from the 2017 levels.

Defence spending had been slated to increase by $63 billion this year and $68 billion next year.

The play call in advance of the Thursday government funding deadline all but assures a volley with the Senate, which is expected to reject the House GOP measure.

The bill addresses several looming crises. Among the other provisions included in non-defense spending were disaster relief and Medicaid for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. "It is incredible that we're now four-plus months into the fiscal year and they still don't have an agreement on how were going to fund the government".

It would also extend the debt ceiling for another year, reducing fears of an unprecedented USA debt default.

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The bill also would affect many other moving parts in the health-care system.

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