Published: Thu, February 08, 2018
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Pixel Visual Core Imaging Processor Now Available For 3rd Party Apps

Pixel Visual Core Imaging Processor Now Available For 3rd Party Apps

A few months back we reported that Google had put a special co-processing chip inside its new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones but hadn't turned it on. Since the smartphone launched, that image processor has been just out of reach for third-party apps, but Google has finally activated the Pixel Visual Core. Pixel Visual Core will utilise the same machine learning and computational photography chops in apps like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and more. This is especially noticeable in shots against light, which retain more details in bright and dark areas, when compared to photos taken on competitor's devices.The rendering of an HDR+ image however, usually takes longer, because several raw images must be meshed together. The Pixel 2 series of smartphones come equipped with Pixel Visual Core which is a custom image processor. Google has also announced that it will soon roll out Augmented Reality Stickers themed around winter sports for the Pixel smartphones. The logic behind HDR+ had to be reprogrammed for use on the Pixel Visual Core. Google says these new features are available to any developer to use for the in-built camera on their app.

Google's Pixel 2 launched late past year with what the company said, was the best smartphone camera on the market.

Fossilised spiders with 'tails' found in Myanmar rainforest
According to the researchers, it is even possible that some of this species queens are still present in the Myanmar forests. The latest study revealed that there might be a link between the ancient arachnids and the modern-day spiders.

Which of these Pixel or Nexus devices do you have? Although, you should begin to see a difference in photo quality in most third-party apps.

The process of activating the chip has been a bit of an unusual one for Google - and most handset makers, really.

Treasurys are surging as stocks get slammed
The Toronto Stock Exchange'sS&P/TSX composite index fell 86.69 points, or 0.56 percent, to 15,519.34, shortly after the open. That's good news for workers but creates nervousness among equity investors concerned that the rise will fuel inflation.

Android is stepping up its camera least for Google's own phones. "Like all AR stickers, these characters interact with both the camera and each other, creating a fun-filled way to enhance the moments you capture and share", adds Ofer Shacham, Engineering Manager for Pixel Visual Core. We wanted to make sure we improved on all aspects - not only image quality, but performance and power. These include less power usage, sharper zoomed shots and Zero Shutter Lag. Pixel Visual Core, the search giant's first custom-designed co-processor.

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North Devon could see some snow this week as the Met Office places the region under a yellow alert for snow and ice. Charities and safety campaigners warn not to go out during the worst of the weather and stock up on essentials.

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